Are Euro cylinder locks reversible?

Are the sizes reversible? Yes they are in the case of a normal double ended key cylinder. Some locks only have the anti-snap functionality on one side so watch out for that (DL30 anti snap locks) whereas the Yale Superior Euro Cylinders have snap resistance on both sides making it reversible.

Are all euro cylinder locks the same?

The ‘standard differ’ Euro Cylinder is the most common cylinder lock. … When a lock is ‘keyed alike’ it means that the lock is identical to another (or many) thus meaning one key will operate all locks that are ‘keyed alike’.

What is a Euro profile cylinder lock?

Euro cylinders, commonly referred to as ‘euro locks’ or ‘euro barrels’ are a particular profile of locking cylinder that is used in conjunction with an appropriate euro-profile mortice locks or multipoint door locks, and have become the norm now for most doors in the UK, especially with the influx of uPVC and Composite …

Can you drill out a euro cylinder?

The Plug can be pulled from standard euro cylinders by simply tightening a screw into the Keyway and then levering or pulling the screw with a claw hammer. … A small diameter hole would be drilled in the Plug and the Lock Puller Screw fitted. The Cover Plate would then be placed over the cylinder to expose only the Plug.

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What is the best euro cylinder lock?

The best anti snap lock reviews

  1. Avocet ABS High Security Euro Cylinder Anti Snap Lock. …
  2. 45/50 Nickel Yale Superior Keyed-Alike Euro Cylinders. …
  3. Avocet ABS High Security Euro Cylinder Keyed Alike Anti-snap locks. …
  4. Yale 3535NKDHS Anti SNAP Lock, Nickel. …
  5. Schlosser Technik Anti-Snap Euro Profile Cylinder Lock.


How much does it cost to fit anti snap locks?

An anti snap cylinder will cost from £50 to replace, the price will vary on brand and standard of cylinder being changed.

How can I tell if my lock is anti snap?

If your lock has the 3-Star Kitemark Logo on it, this indicates the lock is tested against lock snapping. The Kitemark logo can be found anywhere on the lock; it is usually found on either, the front or side of the euro cylinder.

How do I measure a euro cylinder lock?

There are two ways to measure the sizes of the euro cylinder – either in the the door or take the cylinder out of the lock. Both are easy! Measure from the centre of the screw hole (X) to the edge of the handle backplate on the outside (O) and round up the size to the next 5mm increment i.e. 32mm = 35mm.

Can a Euro lock be picked?

The basic Euro Cylinder Lock is vulnerable to lock picking attacks. These type of attacks include lock bumping, which involves opening the lock by using a specially crafted bump key, which is readily available on eBay.

What is a Euro double cylinder?

Double Euro Cylinders are those with a lock operation on both sides of the door. … This style of security cylinder is also known as “double key”, and ensures controlled access from both sides of the lock.

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