Do you need glass doors on a gas fireplace?

Gas fireplaces aren’t a solution for a problem chimney. … Building codes might require that the damper in your chimney be permanently blocked open if you install gas logs. You can reduce drafts and heat loss by installing glass doors in front of the gas fireplace, but the doors must remain open while the fire is burning.

Can you use gas fireplace without glass?

Not if your fireplace was shipped with a glass panel on the front. … Because removal of the glass is totally dependent on the specific unit installed, we cannot recommend that the glass be removed unless the specific model of unit denotes that it can be removed and the fireplace will still operate safely.

Do all gas fireplaces have glass fronts?

(Not all gas fireplaces come pre-installed with glass coverings; some are simply equipped with the same wire-mesh curtains that are often found in wood-burning fireplaces.

Do I need fireplace doors for gas fireplace?

Fireplace doors and enclosures have been popular additions to the hearth for decades. … Certain fireplaces; such as, air cooled and zero clearance fireplaces require the use of approved doors. Masonry fireplaces can use just about anything, but most gas only units cannot have any change or addition of a door kit.

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Are glass doors required for fireplace?

A: Yes. In California Title 24 requires that glass doors be installed on all indoor fireplaces. Title 24 is the Energy Efficiency Standards for residential and nonresidential buildings that were established in 1978 in response to a legislative mandate to reduce California’s energy consumption.

What is the purpose of glass doors on a fireplace?

Glass doors actually help your fire burn better. By enclosing the burning area, firewood is able to burn greater and produce more heat. The glass doors also absorb and radiate heat into the room better than a fireplace without doors.

Can you leave gas fireplace on overnight?

No, you should not leave your gas fireplace on overnight as you risk carbon monoxide poisoning. Although it’s never recommended, if your gas fireplace has been properly maintained and designed to run continuously, it may be safe to leave it on.

Are glass fronted gas fires more efficient?

Yes, Glass Fronted Gas Fires often have convective and radiant heat and produce less draft in the room. They normally have lower gas consumption even though they have higher kW heat outputs.

What brand of gas fireplace is the best?

Here, the best gas fireplace inserts on the market today.

  • Best Overall: Ashley Hearth 34,000 BTU Vent-Free Firebox Natural Gas Stove. …
  • Best Vented Gas: Empire Comfort Systems Deluxe Keystone Series B-Vent Fireplace. …
  • Best Direct Vent: Empire Tahoe Deluxe Direct Vent Fireplace.


How long can you run a gas fireplace?

Vent-free gas fireplace – these gas fireplaces work similarly to ovens and don’t exhaust their fumes outside of your home. That’s why they should never be left running for more than two or three hours at a time and the rooms they are in should always be well-vented themselves.

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What are the best fireplace glass doors?

Best Glass Fireplace Doors, Reviews

  • #5 Pleasant Hearth CB-3300 Colby Fireplace Glass Door.
  • #4 Large Beveled Glass Diamond Fireplace Screen.
  • #3 Plow & Hearth Small Steel Crest Fireplace Screen with Doors.
  • #2 Pleasant Hearth AN-1010 Alpine Fireplace Glass Door.
  • #1 Pleasant Hearth FN-5701 Fenwick Fireplace Glass Door.

Can you use a fireplace with the glass doors closed?

99% of the time your fireplace doors should be OPEN when you are burning a fire. In the off chance you have: ceramic glass doors, a masonry fireplace, and do not care about any heat coming into your room – then it is OK to burn a fire with your glass doors closed.

What should I look for in a fireplace door?

Note down the accurate dimensions of your fireplace opening. Measure your hearth, both flush with the firebox and above the firebox. These measurements will help you determine if you need a stock or custom door. A stock door is usually an overlap fit, while a custom-made door fits inside the fireplace opening.

Are fireplace doors worth it?

The main advantage of fireplace doors, though, is that they have energy efficiency benefits. When your fire is out or dwindling, closing the doors on your fireplace will prevent the warm air from escaping out the chimney. By keeping the heat in the room longer, your fireplace becomes a more efficient source of heat.

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