Frequent question: Is boy next door hyphenated?

When used prepositively, before the noun it modifies, some educators recommend the hyphenated form next-door.

How do you spell nextdoor?

English Language Learners Definition of next-door

: next to your or someone else’s house, apartment, room, etc. : in the next house, apartment, room, etc. : next to your or someone else’s house, apartment, room, etc.

Is boy next door a compliment?

The term “boy-next-door” is a prototype that is often used in novels to describe a male character that is young, wholesome, average-looking and likeable who “lives next door”. He’s usually defined as the type of guy any girl can have a crush with or a good boy who is worthy of every parent’s trust.

What does boy next door mean?

phrase. If you refer to someone as the boy next door or the girl next door, you mean that they are pleasant, respectable, and likeable. He was dependable, straightforward, the boy next door.

Does adjacent mean next door?

Adjacent means close to or near something. You may consider the people up and down your street to be neighbors, but your next-door neighbor is the person who lives in the house or apartment adjacent to yours. Adjacent can refer to two things that touch each other or have the same wall or border.

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What is another word for nextdoor?

What is another word for next door?

convenient accessible
proximate neighbouringUK
neighboringUS close-up
next-door adjacent
close by contiguous

Is nextdoor one or two words?

language note: The adjective is usually spelled next-door. If a room or building is next door, it is the next one to the right or left.

What does it mean when a guy calls you the girl next door?

I’m an actor and this phrase is used a lot. It means she’s generally good looking and nice in temperament. The male equivalent is either boy next door, or all American. It would almost always be said about someone you find physically attractive, but it means attractive in a natural, regular-person kind of way.

What is a wholesome person?

If you project a wholesome image, other people see you as a decent, moral person, somebody who’s trustworthy and not living a secret life of crime. The word wholesome comes from the Old English hal, meaning “healthy.”

What does it mean if something is adjacent?

adjacent, adjoining, contiguous, juxtaposed mean being in close proximity. adjacent may or may not imply contact but always implies absence of anything of the same kind in between. a house with an adjacent garage adjoining definitely implies meeting and touching at some point or line.

What kind of word is adjacent?

adjective. lying near, close, or contiguous; adjoining; neighboring: a motel adjacent to the highway. just before, after, or facing: a map on an adjacent page.

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