How did Door County form?

Not to be too technical, the Escarpment was formed when glaciers one to two miles thick gouged out soft shale and left harder dolomite exposed. These glaciers gave shape to the Great Lakes, the world’s largest single supply of fresh water.

How was Door County formed?

Its county seat is Sturgeon Bay, making it one of three Wisconsin counties on Lake Michigan not to have a county seat with the same name. Instead it is named after the strait between the Door Peninsula and Washington Island.

Door County, Wisconsin.

Door County
State Wisconsin
Founded 1851
Named for Porte des Morts
Seat Sturgeon Bay

Why do they call it Door County?

Door County took its name from the straits between the mainland and Washington Island, locally known as Death’s Door, a translation from the French voyageur term, ”La Porte des Morts” (the door of the dead).

Who Settled in Door County?

Door County was home to early nomadic residents more than 12,000 years ago, and archaeological evidence suggests it has been continuously inhabited by humans since 10,000 BC. Early permanent settlements date back 2,000 years. The dominant Native American tribe in the region were the Potawatomi.

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What is special about Door County Wisconsin?

Known for its picturesque coastal towns, specialty shops, fish boils, cherry and apple orchards and scenic beauty, Door County, Wisconsin is often referred to as the “Cape Cod of the Midwest.” With the waters of Green Bay on one side and Lake Michigan on the other, the Door Peninsula offers spectacular waterfront views …

What food is Door County known for?

From sweet treats to savory bites, our top 10 Door County foods to try will get your grocery list started.

  • Pecan Rolls at Grandma’s Swedish Bakery. …
  • Cherry Stuffed French Toast at White Gull Inn. …
  • Corsica Bread at Door County Bakery. …
  • Belgian Pie at Kermis Celebrations. …
  • Cinnamon Raisin Bread at Scaturo’s.

What is the best town to stay in Door County?

7 reasons Fish Creek is the best town in Door County.

Are there bears in Door County?

Black bears aren’t common in Door County, but it’s estimated there may be a dozen or so on the peninsula at any given time. … Bear sightings on the peninsula are extremely rare, but wildlife experts estimate there could be anywhere from 10 to 20 in Door County at any given time.

What is death’s door in Door County?

Death’s Door is the chief navigational passage between the Bay of Green Bay and Lake Michigan. It lies between the northeast end of Wisconsin’s Door Peninsula and the rocky shores of Pilot, Plum, Detroit, and Washington islands. The precise origins of the passage’s name remain shrouded in legend.

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What is the best time to visit Door County?

Why September is the Best Time to Visit Door County

  1. Empty restaurants and relieved servers. Get to know your bartender in September at mainstays like Husby’s in Sister Bay. …
  2. Great weather. A September sunset over the Egg Harbor beach. …
  3. Peak Farm Markets. Sunrise at Egg Harbor Natural Gardens. …
  4. Fun underrated Door County events.

Why is Door County Swedish?

One of the reasons that Door County became a large Swedish settlement, is because the land and scenery reminded Swedes of their homeland. … Swedish for “Birch Grove by the Lake,” the land is a 425-acre estate on the Lake Michigan shore just south of Baileys Harbor.

How many miles is Door County?

It’s about 18 miles wide at its widest point in the southern part of the county and narrows to less than 2 miles across at the northern tip of the peninsula. In total, it covers 492 square miles. Door County has 300 miles of shoreline and is surrounded by water on three sides.

Where does Door County begin?

It starts with a five-mile ferry ride across the once-treacherous waters of Death’s Door, where Green Bay and Lake Michigan meet.

How far is it from Green Bay to Door County?

Door County starts just north of Algoma, but the Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal creates the Door Peninsula. Sturgeon Bay is 45 miles from the city of Green Bay, 150 miles from Milwaukee, 240 miles from Chicago and 320 miles from Minneapolis.

How far is it from Milwaukee to Door County?

Door County is 154 miles from Milwaukee. The short driving distance makes this the perfect road trip for a family with small children. The fastest route is I-43 N. It takes 2 hours and 22 minutes to reach the start of the Door Peninsula.

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What’s open in Door County?


  • Algoma Pizza Bowl.
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