How do I know what Schlage Lock I have?

How do you identify a Schlage Lock?

Most Schlage locks have the company name stamped into the exterior face of the deadbolt. Check the exterior side of your door to see if the name is stamped on the lock. If it is stamped with “Schlage,” you know that you’re lock was made by this company. Open the door and examine the latchplates.

How do I find my Schlage model number?

On the keypad side, or exterior side of the door, you will find a sticker that includes the serial number, six-digit programming code and two pre-programmed four-digit user codes. You must remove the keypad from the door to see the sticker.

How do I know what brand my lock is?

Many times the deadbolts will have the name stamped on the face of the lock. Door knobs are a little different. Most brands of knobs do not have the manufacturer name on them. However, if you look at the latch, many manufactures will stamp their brand name on the latch plate.

How do I change my 4 digit Schlage code?

Press the “Schlage” button and the number “1” button simultaneously to add/change a new entry code. Wait for the “Schlage” button to beep and flash three times. Enter a new four-digit code, and wait for the “Schlage” button to flash and beep three times. Re-enter the same four-digit code to confirm the change.

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How long do Schlage locks last?

Schlage lock company, llc (“Schlage”) extends a 5-Year Finish Warranty to the original user (“User”) of Dexter by Schlage products (“Product”) against tarnishing, and damage from corrosives like salt, sun, humidity and cleaning products for a period of 5 years provided that the User continues to occupy the residential …

Why isn’t my Schlage locking?

Schlage Lock not Unlocking

You will need to verify that you have entered a valid user code to unlock. If the user code does not unlock your Schlage lock and the Schlage button lights green then red, with 1 high and 1 low beeps, it is because vacation mode is enabled.

What do I do if I lost my Schlage code?

If you lose or forget your Programming Code, you can restore the factory settings, which will restore the default Programming Code. See the instructions and video below. Locate the default Programming and User Codes on the User Guide (on the front or back of the guide) or on the back of the keypad assembly.

Where is the 6 digit code Schlage?

Note: To program your lock, you will need your 6 digit programming code which is located in the backside of your lock.

How do you remove the 4 digit code on a Schlage Lock?

Enter the four-digit entry code you want to remove— the “Schlage” button will flash and beep three times. Re-enter the same four-digit entry code for confirmation. The “Schlage” button will beep one long beep and flash green, indicating a successful deletion of your previous entry code.

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Is my key Schlage or Kwikset?

2) Name Abbreviation: Kwikset is “KW” and Schlage is “SC” The most common keyways are KW1 & SC1. They are typically stamped on the key, see video of images below. 3) Name on the lock latch: look at the edge of your door on the latch for a name.

What is a KW1 key?

From WiKi: “The Classic is a pin-tumbler lock made by Kwikset. It is one of the most common cylinders used in residential door locks in the United States. The KW1 keyway used by the Classic is extremely popular in North America, with many other companies providing interoperable locks and keys.

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