How do you open the door in Vault 79?

You have to take all the pieces to a pawn shop and place them on a board, then turn on the backlight to get a unique code to open the outer door.

Can you raid vault 79 with both factions?

Only the final faction quest has you firmly side with one or the other. For what it’s worth, that final quest is the raid on Vault 79, and it’s called “Siding with (faction) to Raid Vault 79.” Otherwise, you can continue to take on quests from both sides without consequences.

How do you get into Vault 79 on Reddit?

It seems like you went into the Mysterious Cave entrance to Vault 79 instead of going there with either the Settlers or The Raiders. Follow the Wastelanders quest line from the overseer, that will get you where you need to go.

Who should I side with for Vault 79 raid?

Who Should You Side With For The Vault 79 Quest? The general answer is, if you like shotguns, go with Foundation, if you want heavy weapons, go with crater. Either way, you can get both rewards from both factions no matter which option you decide on.

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Can you raid Vault 79 by yourself?

There’s nothing too difficult in this game that the average loadout won’t beat. Sure you can set goals such as getting powerful enough to beat Earl solo, the SBQ solo and Daily Ops solo but the truth is they aren’t designed to be beaten solo so that shouldn’t be the only endgame goal.

Can you raid vault 79 with friends?

Yes, players dup because there is no ‘lawful’ way to get good legendries.

Can you enter Vault 79?

Layout. The main entrance to Vault 79 is inside of the Mysterious Cave north of the Bailey family cabin. A keypad can be found on a wall inside the cave, which reveals an elevator.

Where is the code for Vault 79?

This location is in the northeastern portion of the Savage Divide North region, directly south of the Baily Family Cabin and northwest of Vault 94.

How do you open the vault in Adopt Me?

The Vault in Adopt Me! can be found in the Pet Shop. It is large and circular with ornate detail and had a lock in the middle. You can press E or tap on the Vault, to examine the lock, which then displays a message that says “Hmm… I wonder what’s inside?” There are also many toys around the Vault for sale.

Why can’t I enter Vault 79?

You have to take all the pieces to a pawn shop and place them on a board, then turn on the backlight to get a unique code to open the outer door. The vault is on the very top right of the map. Just higher and right of a cabin. There are two entrances one with no code panel…… which was annoying.

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How many quests are in the Wastelanders?

There are four new daily quests available in Wastelanders: Two from the Raiders at Crater, one from the Settlers at Foundation, and one more that you’ll discover as you play through main story quests. The Raider dailies alternate, with one of the two available to you each day.

How do I get into Vault 76?

You can teleport for free from anywhere in the game world to the Vault 76 entrance. Unfortunately, after leaving Vault 76 you cannot get back to it. However, you can teleport right at the door for free – although you won’t get inside, free teleportation can be useful for visiting nearby areas.

What level should I be for Vault 79?

If you sided with foundation, no reason to put it off. If you sided with raiders, you might want to wait until level 50 for the max level named weapon.

What is the best faction to join in Fallout 76?

The Settlers are the ‘good’ faction, and the Raiders are the ‘evil’ faction. If you’ve been following Fallout, you’ll know which guys are good and which guys are bad right away.

Who should I talk to about Vault 79?

Talk to Meg at the Crater about Vault 79. Talk to Paige at Foundation about Vault 79. Reward: 800 XP, 75 caps, RadAway, Rad-X, and random quest reward item (aid, ammo, weapon, armor, or plan).

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