How much is a vivint door lock?

How much are vivint smart locks?

Vivint Smart Lock Pricing

Typically, we see prices range between $125 on the low end, and upwards of $300+ for high-end devices. Vivint’s Kwikset 880 SmartCode comes in at $179.99.

What door locks work with vivint?

Kwikset locks integrate with your Vivint system to ensure your entryway—and home—is protected.

Kwikset and Vivint bring you peace-of-mind protection.

  • Satin Nickel. 888 SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt with Z-Wave Technology.
  • Venetian Bronze. …
  • Polished Brass.

Does vivint have a door lock?

Vivint electronic door locks give you complete control over every entrance to your home. Each sleek, keyless door lock streamlines your entries and exits with an easy touchpad and full connectivity to the Vivint Smart Home® App.

Can I use vivint door lock without service?

Can I use Vivint without a subscription? You can use Vivint equipment without a subscription, but you wouldn’t have the benefit of professional monitoring, couldn’t access the mobile application and won’t be able to use the 24/7 technical support service.

Is vivint worth the money?

Vivint has top-notch smart home equipment and a no-contract option. It also has top-tier prices and a sometimes questionable customer service reputation. But overall, if you’re looking for the smartest system possible, we think it’s worth it to say yes to Vivint.

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Which is better ADT or vivint?

Vivint offers more features for less money, making it the better choice. Both ADT and Vivint have comparable hardware packages, and both offer professional installation and monitoring. … To get cloud video storage and Alexa and Google integration with ADT, you have to pay for the more expensive monitoring plans.

Does Yale door lock work with vivint?

Most smart locks that have Z-Wave enabled will work with Vivint, but the ones with the greatest compatibility are: Yale Z-Wave Touchscreen locks. Kwikset Signature and SmartCode locks with Z-Wave.

Why is my vivint door lock beeping?

If your Electronic Door Lock is beeping and the buttons are flashing red, this means that there’s been some kind of error or the batteries are low. If the batteries have already been changed and you still see a red flashing light when you try to use the lock, there could be an error with the lock.

Can a smart thermostat unlock your front door?

Lighting and thermostat changes can also be tied to locking and unlocking your front door. So if you’re leaving for the day, your smart home can turn off the lights and lower the thermostat when you lock the door, helping you save energy without even having to think about it.

Does vivint have smart locks?

A smart and secure front door

With the Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro and Smart Locks you can answer the door, let visitors in, and lock up when they leave—from anywhere.

How do you put a lock on a vivint door?

To add a thermostat, door lock, or module to your system, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to your touchscreen panel and touch the home button.
  2. Tap Services.
  3. Tap the wrench icon.
  4. Enter your 4-digit PIN.
  5. Tap Add Devices.
  6. At this point, go to the device you want to add (door lock, thermostats, light module, etc.).
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How do I get rid of vivint?

You can cancel your Vivint contract in several ways, but try calling 1-800-216-5232 x5020 first to notify the company that you want to discontinue the service. It has a strict cancelation policy, and it’s always a good idea to double-check what you should do. You can end your subscription via: Snail mail.

Can vivint security be hacked?

Vivint cameras are highly encrypted to provide additional security to your loved ones and premises. You get access to the security feeds from your smartphone or computer from miles away. It is highly unlikely that a talented hacker can stoop so low as to hack into your security system.

Do I own my vivint equipment?

You own the equipment. You can either pay for all the equipment up front or pay for it over the course of a few years. If you decide to pay for it over time, Vivint offers 0% APR so there’s no added interest.

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