Is there an app for Schlage connect?

The free Schlage Home App for Apple iOS and Android lets you control and monitor your lock from anywhere using your smartphone. The app guides you through the setup process and puts complete access and control of your Schlage smart locks at your fingertips.

What apps work with Schlage connect?

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  • Z-WAVE PLUS. Schlage Connect™ Smart Deadbolt home automation platforms. …
  • Amazon Alexa. Use Amazon Alexa to control your lock with your voice. …
  • Samsung SmartThings. Make your home work for you. …
  • Wink. Put all of your smart home products into one app for easy access. …
  • Ring Alarm. …
  • Google Assistant.

Does Schlage connect work with Schlage sense app?

Schlage is adding Android compatibility to one of its Bluetooth-enabled smart locks. Google Play is getting the Schlage Sense app, which was previously limited to iOS. Schlage also just announced the Sense Wi-Fi Adapter, which will allow both iOS and Android users to access the lock remotely.

Does Schlage Connect have Bluetooth?

Plug the Schlage Sense WiFi adapter into a power outlet at home with Bluetooth range of the lock. Use the Sense app to pair your deadbolt with the adapter. Then connect it to your home WiFi.

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Schlage Connect Schlage Sense
Connectivity Z-Wave Bluetooth

How do I connect my Schlage connect to my iPhone?

To set up remote connectivity with Apple HomeKit using a compatible Apple TV, iPad or HomePod, open the Schlage Home app on your iOS device and choose “Continue with HomeKit.” Once you’ve chosen the “Continue with HomeKit” option, follow the instructions provided in the Schlage Home app.

How do I connect my Schlage sense to my iPhone?

How to set up your Schlage Sense Wi-Fi Adapter for iOS

  1. 1Navigate to the menu in the app and click Wi-Fi Adapters. …
  2. 3Type in the programming code located on the back of your Wi-Fi Adapter. …
  3. 5Follow instructions on the screen to join the Wi-Fi Adapter’s temporary network, then return to the app to finish the setup.


Does Schlage connect work with WiFi?

To lock and unlock your Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt from anywhere on both Android and iPhone®, add the Schlage Sense WiFi Adapter* to your home WiFi network. The WiFi adapter is a simple wall plug-in that connects to your home WiFi signal, making it easy for you to set up.

Will Schlage encode work without WiFi?

The quick answer as to whether Schlage Encode works without Wi-Fi is yes and no. Yes, if you mainly want to operate your lock via the touchpad (using access codes) and No if you want to enable remote access.

What hub do I need for Schlage connect?

Sync with a smart home automation hub.

To access your lock remotely from your phone or with voice commands, you’ll need to sync it with a compatible smart home hub. The most common hubs for the Schlage Connect lock are Samsung SmartThings, Ring Alarm, Nexia and Wink.

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Which is better Schlage sense vs connect?

Main Differences Between Schlage Connect vs Sense

Schlage Connect has its own mobile app, whereas Sense has been given a grade 1 rating by the BHMA and ANSI. Schlage Connect is more affordable, whereas Sense can be integrated with other HomeKit devices.

Is Schlage encode better than connect?

The Schlage Connect lock works with Alexa, SmartThings, and other hubs to automate with Z-Wave devices. This makes it a great choice for most smart homes. … Encode is ideal for those who want a WiFi lock that works remotely, without the hassle of a smart home hub.

Do I need a hub for Schlage sense?

Schlage Sense does not need a hub to be unlocked or locked with your phone via Bluetooth. However, if you wish to use it while you’re away from home or to link it to other smart home devices, you will need a hub of some kind.

How do I connect Schlage to Bluetooth?

It’s easy to set up – plug it in within Bluetooth range of the lock (usually about 40 feet), and use the Schlage Sense app to connect the Adapter to your home Wi-Fi network. Then pair it with your lock.

Is Schlage connect the same as sense?

Schlage Sense is nearly identical to its brother smart lock, Schlage Connect. The main difference between these two is that the Sense model is HomeKit-enabled. In other words, instead of being Amazon Alexa integrable, it follows Siri voice commands. The unlocking process of the Sense model is a bit different.

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