Question: What is the synonym of room door?

entrance doorway
room armouryUK
terrace great hall
public room balcony
patio verandah

What is a synonym for door?

Synonyms. doorway doorstep entryway entry wall room access outside door exterior door casing entree case doorcase threshold doorframe entrance doorsill entranceway.

What is the synonym of room?

Synonyms of room

  • elbow room,
  • place,
  • space,
  • way.

What is an antonym for door?

Antonyms: departure, egress, ejection, exclusion, exit, expulsion, refusal, rejection, withdrawal. Synonyms: access, accession, adit, admission, admittance, approach, doorway, entrance, entrée, entry, gate, gateway, ingress, inlet, introduction, opening, penetration, portal.

How do you say door without saying door?

Term for a doorway without a door

  1. It’s acceptable to say “doorway” for a door frame with no door in it, or even a door-sized gap with no frame at all. – …
  2. entrance is fine also, the word doesn’t imply a door , and is used commonly ( google “Kitchen entrance” to see). – …
  3. “Passageway” is a fairly generic term for such an opening. –

What are the different types of door?

Different types of door mechanism

  • Hinged doors. Most doors are hinged along one side to allow the door to pivot away from the doorway in one direction, but not the other. …
  • Sliding doors. …
  • Rotating doors. …
  • High-speed door. …
  • Automatic. …
  • Others. …
  • Panel doors. …
  • Board batten doors.
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What does the door symbolize?

Doorways have been symbols of new life, of birth – of a doorway to the world. They have also however been symbols of death, of passing from this life to the next (or to whatever waits beyond the door), of others who are already there.

What is a fancy word for living room?

other words for living room

  • drawing room.
  • parlor.
  • salon.
  • sitting room.
  • LR.
  • best room.
  • common room.
  • front room.

What is a tiny room called?

A small and enclosed room or space. cubbyhole. cubicle. booth. den.

What words describe space?

other words for outer space

  • cosmos.
  • celestial spaces.
  • cosmic space.
  • deep space.
  • empty space.
  • ether space.
  • infinite space.
  • infinity.

What is another name for front door?

What is another word for front door?

door entrance
entry main door
main entrance gate
gateway way
entryway doorway

What is another word for opening?

What is another word for opening?

hole gap
interstice crevice
cut slit
tear window
cavity cranny

What does Hatch mean?

intransitive verb. 1 : to produce young by incubation. 2a : to emerge from an egg, chrysalis, or pupa. b : to give forth young or imagoes. 3 : to incubate eggs : brood.

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