Quick Answer: Which word goes with next door neighbor?

neighborUS acquaintance
bystander friend
homebody nearby resident
contact associate
colleague ally

What is another word for nextdoor?

What is another word for next door?

next neighboringUS
connected flanking
next-door abutting
approximal attached
beside contiguous

What do you mean by next door neighbors?

: a person who lives in the house next to someone.

Is next door neighbor one word?

language note: The adjective is usually spelled next-door. The people next door are the people who live in the house or apartment to the right or left of yours. … The neighbors thought the family next door had moved.

How do you write next door neighbors?

: located in the next building, apartment, or room She is my next-door neighbor.

What does adjacent mean?

1a : not distant : nearby the city and adjacent suburbs. b : having a common endpoint or border adjacent lots adjacent sides of a triangle. c : immediately preceding or following. 2 of two angles : having the vertex and one side in common.

How do you spell neighbor?

Well, it means the same. They are the same words, they mean the same, they sound the same. The only difference is in the way they are spelled. “Neighbour” is the spelling used in British English while “neighbor” is used in American English.

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How do I find out who lives next door to me?

Finding your neighbour

  1. ​Talk to the​​​ tenant or ​​​​managi​ng agent.
  2. Do a title search.
  3. Search the phone book.
  4. Ask your local council for the information. Informal application for access to information. Access Application.


Where does the term next door come from?

next-door (adv.)

As an adjective from 1660s. Noun meaning “the people living next door” is from 1855. Middle English dwellen at dores (late 14c.) meant “live next door.”

What is the meaning of girl next door?

The girl next door is a young female stock character who is often used in romantic stories. She is so named because she often lives next door to the protagonist or is a childhood friend. They start out with a mutual friendship that later often develops into romantic attraction. A similar expression is “boy next door”.

What are our Neighbours?

A Neighbour (or neighbor in American English) is a person who lives nearby, normally in a house or apartment that is next door or, in the case of houses, across the street.

Is boy next door hyphenated?

When used prepositively, before the noun it modifies, some educators recommend the hyphenated form next-door.

How do you spell with?

Correct spelling for the English word “With” is [wˈɪð], [wˈɪð], [w_ˈɪ_ð] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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