What does GBG mean on doors?

Like GBGs, Simulated Divided Lites also add an attractive aesthetic to windows or patio doors. They are installed directly on the surface of the glass, giving your windows or patio doors a truly traditional appearance.

What is GBG doors?

Grilles Between Glass (GBG) door inserts place the door grills inside the insulated air pocket of double-paned glass. This gives your door glass a grid pattern while keeping the glass surface smooth for easy cleaning. The GBG bars themselves can be flat or contoured and come in multiple colors and widths.

What does GBG mean for Windows?

Sames as the simulated divided lite style above with the addition of spacers between the glass. Grilles-Between-Glass (GBG). Between the two sheet of glass – the interior piece and the exterior piece – are the muntin bars. This gives a smoother glass look and the perceived individuated panes.

What is 10lite GBG?

True classic French doors have multiple glass panes (called “lites”) divided by wooden muntins. A true divided lite means that each pane of glass in the construction of your door is built in separately. For example, if you order a 10-lite door, it will be built with 10 separate lites inserted independently.

What does SDL mean for doors?

Simulated Divided Lite (SDL) for Exterior Doors

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Features a single glass unit with bars applied to the glass surface, providing the look of traditional True Divided Lite with SDL bars are available in two widths: 7/8″ (standard) and 1-3/8″ (option).

What is an SDL bar?

Simulated Divided Lite (SDL) windows feature a glass pane with the muntin bar grilles permanently adhered to the interior and exterior surfaces to give it the appearance of a TDL window. An optional narrow spacer bar is available for the insulating airspace between glass panes and grille bars.

What are grilles between the glass?

Grilles Between Glass are a non-removable feature installed between the panes of glass, making them an attractive, low-maintenance option. They create the timeless appearance of traditional grilles, while making it easy to clean both interior and exterior glass surfaces.

What is simulated divided light glass?

Simulated Divided-Light Windows. … Simulated divided-light windows have just one piece of glass with removable muntins attached to both the interior and exterior of the glass, usually with a strong adhesive called VBH tape. Because the grilles are removable, simulated divided-light windows are extremely easy to clean.

What is a true divided lite door?

True Divided Lite (TDL) Wood Entry Doors. … These exterior doors with glass are constructed by individual panes of insulating glass with wood muntin bars creating the separation. In other words, these doors do not have a sheet of glass with a wood grill installed over them.

Are divided light windows more expensive?

And there are an older types of grilles, used before the VHB tape became popular, that snap out for easy cleaning. As might be expected, true divided-light windows are more expensive than the faux type because of the extra custom work involved.

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What is a window lite?

Lite – A piece of glass. In windows and doors, lite refers to separately framed panes of glass (as well as designs simulating the look of separately framed pieces of glass). Sometimes spelled “light.”

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