What Doors songs are covers?

Song Play Count
Back Door Man (Willie Dixon cover) 153
Alabama Song (Whisky Bar) (Kurt Weill cover) 56
Close to You (Muddy Waters cover) 24
Good Rocking Tonight (Roy Brown cover) 19

Which Doors songs were covers?

Here’s how some of them expressed it.

  • The Cure – Hello, I Love You (The Doors cover)
  • The Delmonas – Hello, I Love You (The Doors cover)
  • Buddy Rich – Hello, I Love You (The Doors cover)
  • Dark Horses – Hello, I Love You (The Doors cover)
  • Minimatic – Hello, I Love You (The Doors cover)


Did the doors do any cover songs?

Krieger and Densmore aren’t the only Doors to appear on covers of their work; organist Ray Manzarek not only played on X’s four-on-the-floor cover of “Soul Kitchen,” he produced Los Angeles, the classic X debut where the song appeared.

Who has covered the doors?

Covers by The Doors

Title Performer Originally by
Good Rockin’ The Doors Roy Brown
I’m a King Bee The Doors Slim Harpo
I’m Your Hoochie Coochie Man Doors Muddy Waters and His Guitar
Light My Fire The Doors with Eddie Vedder The Doors
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Is Gloria by the doors a cover?

1968–1970 – The Doors performed the song several times, with one recording released on Alive, She Cried (1983).

Cover versions.

Single by the Shadows of Knight
Released December 1965
Genre Rock
Length 2:35

Who sampled the doors Five to one?

“Takeover” was produced by Kanye West and samples The Doors’ “Five to One” as well as “Sound of da Police” by KRS-One.

Which album was Light My Fire on?

The Doors

Who covered the song Light My Fire?

This month marks the 50th anniversary of The Doors releasing their iconic single, “Light My Fire,” which put them on the map in a big, big way. Like, we’re talking seriously big. We’re talking about a level of awareness that ultimately involved the song being covered by people like Johnny Mathis and Boots Randolph.

Who has covered Light My Fire?


Title Performer Release date
Light My Fire Ripple Blast Singers 1968
Light My Fire Steve Miller [US3] 1968
Light My Fire Spanky Wilson 1968
Light My Fire José Feliciano 1968

Who did light my fire first?

By the beginning of 1967, The Doors were well-established members of the Los Angeles music scene.

How many Gloria songs are there?

Song title 103 – Gloria

# Artist Song Title
1 Laura Branigan Gloria
2 Them Gloria
3 Umberto Tozzi Gloria
4 Shadows of Knight Gloria

Who has covered Gloria?


Title Performer Release date
Gloria Van Morrison February 1974
Gloria Wednesday 1974
Gloria: In excelsis deo; Gloria Patti Smith 1975
Gloria / (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction Eddie & The Hot Rods August 21, 1976
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What’s the meaning of Gloria?

The name Gloria is primarily a female name of Latin origin that means Glory (to God).

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