What kind of door hinges do I need?

Door Thickness Door Width Hinge Size to Use
1-3/8-in door Up to 32 in 3-1/2-in hinge
1-3/8-in door 32 in to 36 in 4-in hinge
1-3/4-in door Up to 36 in 4-1/2-in hinge
1-3/4-in door 36 in to 48 in 5-in hinge

What kind of hinges do I need for interior doors?

Interior doors will typically require 3 separate 3.5-inch hinges. On the other hand, an exterior door is going to require 3 separate 4-inch hinges.

How do I know what size door hinge I need?

In general, you’ll want to use one hinge for every 30 inches of door height. For example: Use two hinges for doors up to 60 inches tall. Use three hinges if the door is between 60 and 90 inches tall.

What are the types of door hinges?

Types of Door Hinges

  • Antique Door Hinges and Hinge Fronts. Antique Door Hinges and Hinge Fronts are used in traditional properties such as cottages, listed buildings, manor houses and country homes. …
  • Ball Bearing Hinges. …
  • Butt Door Hinges. …
  • Parliament and Projection Hinges. …
  • Single and Double Action Spring Hinges. …
  • Storm Proof and Cranked Hinges.
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What are the 4 styles of hinge called?

To help you determine which type you need, here are some common hinges and how they’re used.

  • Corner hinges. These are typically used on metal cabinets and machine covers and sit flush to the surface. …
  • Lift-off hinges. …
  • Offset hinges. …
  • Piano hinges. …
  • Leaf hinges. …
  • Concealed hinges. …
  • Side hinges. …
  • Weld-on hinges.


Are interior door hinges universal?

Once you’ve chosen your finish, you’ll need to measure your existing hinges to determine the correct size. In most homes, interior doors will use 3.5″ hinges while exterior doors will use 4″ hinges to support the additional weight of the door.

Are piano hinges stronger?

A heavy-duty piano hinge will prove to be much stronger than shorter, multiple hinges of a different variety since the piano hinge will run the full length of the door. As a result, sagging of the door will never become an issue.

Should doors have 2 or 3 hinges?

The general rule used to determine the number of hinges is: Every door should be provided with at least one hinge for every 30 inches in height or portion thereof; however, more hinges may be required per chart below. For example, a 90″ door needs three hinges and a 91″ door needs four.

Does door hinge rhyme with orange?

Nope! The stressed syllable is ‘or-‘. Because of this, rhyming words can’t just end in ‘-inge’.

Can I paint door hinges?

A: Painting should work, without any need to remove the existing finish, and you have a choice of spray paint or brush-on. Replacing your hinges with ones that have a brushed nickel finish wouldn’t be terribly expensive. … So painting might indeed be a better option, and not just because of the cost.

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What is the use of door hinges?

Hinges are the essential hardware that allows doors to pivot on one edge as they open and close. They are found on virtually all doors in a home, from the main entry door to the door on the medicine cabinet in the bathroom to the gate on a landscape fence.

Are all door hinges created equal?

If your specs call for customized swinging doors, our hand forged barn door hinges are engineered for the job.

Are all hinges the same?

There are different types of hinges, such as those for residential doors, that have removable pins. Others are fixed, such as the pins that are part of the best cabinet hardware hinges.

What is a butterfly hinge?

A butterfly hinge is a variation of the strap hinge, featuring leaf plates that are decoratively shaped in a manner that resembles the wings of a butterfly. They are often made of brass or another decorative metal and are most often used on ornamental boxes or cabinets.

What is a French hinge?

These hinges make removing the door once hung easily due to their ‘drop on’ pin design. The French Hinge comes in two main types ‘Square End’ or ‘Round End’ The square end is installed using a chisel just like the English Butt. The Round End is fitted with the help of a router and fence or jig.

What is a full mortise hinge?

What is a Full Mortise hinge? The mortise is a cutout of the surface that the hinge leaf is mounted to, allowing tho hinge to be flush with the surface of tho door. The full mortiso hingo givos a cloan smooth look to the installation of the hinge. Installing a full mortise hinge requires a lot of skill and precision.

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