What kind of saw do you use to cut door jambs?

What is door jamb saw?

A jamb saw is a mechanical gizmo designed specifically for removing the bottom of door casings so flooring can slide under, thus providing a nice clean appearance after the floor is installed. It is used predominantly for laminate, wood and cork flooring installations.

What is the best jamb saw?

Looking for the Best Undercut Door Jamb Saw? – Our Top Picks

Product Type
1 Crain 835 Undercut Saw Corded
2 Roberts Jamb Saw 10-46 Corded
3 DEWALT DWE315K Corded
4 Rockwell RK5132K Corded

Can you cut door jambs?

The jamb looks best if the gap between the bottom and the surface of the floor is minimal — about 1/8 inch. You can make the cut with a specialized tool called a jamb saw or with a handsaw.

Can you use an angle grinder as a jamb saw?

A 4-inch hand-held angle grinder is a versatile tool that can perform a variety of tasks, from cutting through metal and stone to doubling as a jam saw for cutting through door trim.

What is a jamb saw used for?

A jamb saw is a special-purpose electric power saw that is designed to make undercuts around door jambs (casing at the bottom of the door). You will do these undercuts to slide in the laminate or wooden flooring below the door casing which will give it a clean appearance. Hence, they are also called undercut saws.

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Who makes the best undercut saw?

If in a hurry, my most recommended electric undercut saw is the brand new Crain No. 835. While IRWIN Dovetail Saw for a hand saw.

1. Crain No. 835 Heavy-Duty Saw—Best Overall Undercut Saw.

Tool Durability Very durable
Cutting Height Up to 1 inch
Cutting Depth Adjustable from 1-5/8″

How do you cut a door jamb with a multi tool?

Cutting Door Jambs With An Oscillating Tool

  1. Clean and wipe the area you want to work in.
  2. Place a piece of the material you are cutting the door jamb to make room for in its location.
  3. Hook your blade on your oscillating tool.
  4. Place the blade flat on the surface.
  5. Begin cutting the door jamb and slowly working your blade around the entire area you want to cut.

What does an undercut saw do?

The saw can undercut doors in place, inside corners, and masonry walls and hearths. A diamond blade (No. 822) is available as an accessory for undercutting tile and stone. Blade height is adjustable from flush to the floor to as high as one inch.

Should door jamb be flush with drywall?

In order to fix drywall that sticks out past the door jamb, you can either scrape out the excess drywall so the trim rests in place beat the drywall with a hammer until it’s flush, or install a jamb extension. We’ll explore the specifics of each method as well as provide you with some general trim tips.

Should door frame be flush with drywall?

Start on the hinge side and whatever reveal you have on the face of the old jamb, hold that the rest of the way around. Typically, 3/16 to a 1/4 inch. As far as the gap between the new extensions and drywall, it doesn’t really matter.

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How do I calculate door casing?

Measure from the floor to the top of the door jamb on the inside. Add 1/4 inch to the measurement. For example, if the measurement is 80 inches, your total measurement will be 80 1/4 inches.

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