What should you do if you are asked to open a dock door?

If the dock door is open, dock worker protection is required. OSHA is clear that at this height or higher, using only a visual barrier—a yellow rope or chain, for example—won’t suffice. OSHA requires that you install and use a barrier such as a loading dock safety gate or guardrails to make sure your workers stay safe.

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What is a dock door?

Dock Doors: Dock doors are a type of loading dock which are usually raised in the air in order to be level with trucks carrying goods. The trucks can back straight up to the dock door without having to change position or lower ramps.

What is the safety precautions used in docks?

To protect against trailer creep, experts recommend the use of wheel chocks or vehicle restraints to keep the trailer secure against the dock. In addition, worn or defective trailer landing gear, designed to keep trailers level and secure when not attached to a vehicle, can present a significant hazard.

What do you call a loading dock door?

Overhead doors.

A type of industrial dock door that is made up of sectional doors that move within tracks. They typically include insulated panels and operational systems, and are efficient for most standard loading docks.

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What is dock level loading?

The loading dock is different in that the door is truck level and acts as a dock to safely move between building and truck trailer. A transport truck can back its trailer into a loading dock and when parked, it should be possible to enter the truck through the warehouse by flat surface.

How wide should a loading dock be?

Most manufacturers offer three standard widths in mechanical and hydraulic dock levelers: 6′ wide, 6.5′ wide and 7′ wide, nominal. The 6′ wide units are the most common and can accommodate the majority of applications (Figure 1).

What is considered dock high?

​​Within North American facilities, the standard dock height is 48 in. However, dock heights typically range from 48 in. (120 cm) to 52 in. (130 cm), and heights of up to 55 in.

What does dock high mean?

Dock high loading is the most common type of loading in warehouses. This refers to the standard height of 48 inches from the ground to the floor of a warehouse. A standard shipping container is generally that height.

What are dock levelers?

A dock leveler forms a ramp to bridge the distance between the dock and truck. It must be able to compensate for the up-and-down movement of the trailer during loading and unloading. The two common types of dock levelers are recessed and edge-of-dock. …

Are docks safe?

Loading docks are notoriously dangerous. Approximately 25% of all reported warehouse injuries occur on the loading dock, and for each accident, there are hundreds of near misses. The good news is that many accidents are preventable with proper safety protocols in place.

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What are the big forklifts called?

The industrial forklift—also called a large capacity forklift—combines the functionalities of a warehouse forklift with that of a telehandler. While it can’t reach difficult angles the way that a telehandler can, it is capable of lifting payloads much higher off the ground than a warehouse forklift and heavier loads.

What is the OSHA color code for loading dock edges?

A company’s loading dock should also be visible, which is why yellow stripes at the edge are common. The bright color helps ensure employees are visible and drivers can see the loading dock.

What is a finger dock?

A dock finger is a small floating pontoon separating and offering access to berthed boats in a marina, as well as providing mooring line attachment points.

What is a flush dock?

A flush dock is the most common type of loading dock. In this case, the dock just acts as an opening flush with the warehouse wall, which allows the back of the truck to attach seamlessly to the dock. Flush docks save space because they neither jut out nor require an enclosure for the vehicle.

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