What time of the day was it when the Traveller knocked on the door?

Answer. Answer: the traveller knocked the door in the midnight.

What time of the day is described in the poem pick out the words that suggest this?

Answer: Following it is explained that the time of setting was ” night time”. Explanation: The time of the day, discussed in the poem, The Listeners by Walter De La Mare, is night time.

What happened when the Traveller knocked on the door a second time?

5. When was the traveller perplexed? Ans: The traveller was perplexed after his second time knocking at the door in vain. He knocked at the door twice but nobody came out and he felt confused.

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What happened when the Traveller knocks on the door for the first time?

The traveler knocked at the door for he wanted to meet somebody there with whom he seemed to have promised to come perhaps after along gap of time. The travelers on smiting at the door but nobody answered the door. Also when the travelers leaves, the horse makes the very real, physical ”sound of iron on the stone”.

Why was the Traveller Puzzled?

Answer. Explanation: The traveler stood there perplexed because he had knocked on the door of the castle twice but there was no response from anyone in the castle. The traveller was puzzled as to why there was no response to his knocking on the door. … the castle even after he had knocked the door thrice.

What time is described in the poem?

Explanation: The time of the day, discussed in the poem, The Listeners by Walter De La Mare, is night time.

What time is being described in the poem?

(c) What time is being described in the poem? Ans: – In the poem night time is being described.

Why did the Traveller knock at the door did anyone answer his knock?

The traveller knocked at the door because he had promised someone he would come there. But when he reached there ,nobody opened the door to recieve him which indicated that there was nobody in the house.

Why did the Traveller stand and look down the road?

Answer. Answer:The traveller stood and looked down on the roads because he had to make a choice between the two roads . He had to choose his path .

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Why was the Traveller perplexed and still?

Answer: He was “perplexed and still” because he was expecting an answer from the inmates of the house but despite repeated calls, there was no response.

Is there anyone there said the Traveller poem?

‘Is there anybody there? ‘ said the Traveller, Knocking on the moonlit door; And his horse in the silence champed the grasses Of the forest’s ferny floor: And a bird flew up out of the turret, Above the Traveller’s head And he smote upon the door again a second time; ‘Is there anybody there? ‘ he said.

What is the message of the poem the listeners?

Jonathan Beutlich, M.A. The message that the traveler leaves to “the listeners” of the house is that he came to the house exactly like he said he would. The answer to this question can be found within the final third of the poem.

How many times did the Traveller knock the door?

The traveler feels very frustrated, as we can well imagine. He knocks at the door twice, yet still no one answers. All he can do is stand there outside the house “perplexed and still” as he waits for a response that never comes.

Why does the poet calls himself a Traveller?

(i) Why does the poet call himself a traveler? … His lips and pale and steel does not feel the poet arm. Ans (iii) The Shepherd follow his ship all the day. Ans (iv) The poet call the Sleepless because it isnever calm as the waves are always in motion.

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How did the Traveller feel when nobody answered?

How did the Traveller feel when nobody answered? Answer: The Traveller felt confused and stood still when nobody answered him. Question 5.

Why are the eyes of the Traveller described as GREY?

Walter de la Mare uses the British English spelling of the word, which is “grey.” There is a very simple reason for this, which is that Walter de la Mare was in fact a British poet. … Gray eyes are vanishingly rare in humans, the color being extremely recessive.

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