Who makes the best fireplace doors?

What are the best fireplace doors?

Best Glass Fireplace Doors, Reviews

  • #5 Pleasant Hearth CB-3300 Colby Fireplace Glass Door.
  • #4 Large Beveled Glass Diamond Fireplace Screen.
  • #3 Plow & Hearth Small Steel Crest Fireplace Screen with Doors.
  • #2 Pleasant Hearth AN-1010 Alpine Fireplace Glass Door.
  • #1 Pleasant Hearth FN-5701 Fenwick Fireplace Glass Door.

Are Aluminum fireplace doors good?

All of the fireplace doors on this page are made from aluminum. Aluminum is an excellent material because it does not rust or tarnish and it is nearly impervious to the heat.

What size fireplace doors do I need?

Before you purchase your fireplace door:

Size Fits Opening Width Fits Opening Height
Small 30″ ~ 37″ 22 ½” ~ 27 ½”
Medium 30″ ~ 37″ 25 ½” ~ 32 ½”
Large 36″ ~ 43″ 25 ½” ~ 32 ½”

Are brass fireplace doors out of style?

Good solid brass never went out of style, cheap shiny looks-like-brass should be replaced as possible. … Spray paint the fireplace surround in flat black high heat paint, unless it is solid brass, in which case, leave it alone.

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Should I keep the glass doors closed on my gas fireplace?

The glass doors should be closed as the fire dies down to minimize the amount of room air going up the fireplace chimney. When burning gas logs in a wood-burning fireplace, the glass doors should always be fully open when the gas logs are burning.

What is the purpose of glass doors on a fireplace?

Glass doors actually help your fire burn better. By enclosing the burning area, firewood is able to burn greater and produce more heat. The glass doors also absorb and radiate heat into the room better than a fireplace without doors.

Do Glass fireplace doors save energy?

In fact, a fireplace has been compared to a window that’s left open in your house, allowing warm air to escape in winter and cool air to escape in summer. With glass doors, energy efficiency is tremendously improved, since they provide a much better seal.

What is the fireplace door called?

They are called cabinet doors because they open much like your kitchen cabinets. They will open fully as long as there is nothing blocking the door clearance like a fireplace tool set or the stonework on a masonry fireplace.

Can I put a glass door on my fireplace?

Can You Add Glass Doors to a Fireplace? A lot of new fireplaces come with glass doors. But if you want to add this safety feature to an existing fireplace, retrofitting them isn’t difficult. The doors come in standard sizes that fit in any flat firebox opening.

Do wood burning fireplaces need glass doors?

It’s recommended that glass doors on a wood burning fireplace are left open during a fire. Doors on a fireplace that use tempered glass are more susceptible to shatter due to high temperatures from a fire, and so it’s recommended to always keep fireplace doors open when having a fire.

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Can you put glass doors on a ventless fireplace?

Vent free fireboxes and fireplaces can also be radiant or circulating and glass/mesh doors and ReFaces can be made for them as well. Direct vent fireplaces already feature a fixed piece of glass, so putting a glass door on top of a glass front is redundant.

Are fireplace doors necessary?

The most important reason to add glass doors to your fireplace is for safety. Without glass doors, there is a greater chance that your child might stick a curious hand into the fire or get burned by hot embers. Your furry friend could also get hurt by getting to close to the fire or touching hot ashes.

Are all fireplace doors the same size?

These doors come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Each of these can fit onto a range of different sized fireplaces. (For example, the small size can fit on a fireplace between 22 1/2″ to 29 1/2″ tall and 30″ to 37″ wide.)

How much do fireplace doors cost?

Quality tempered glass fireplace doors for wood burning fireplaces cost on average about $600 and $900 and as much as $3000 for the best fireplace doors. This number depends mostly on material and size. Very large or commercial fireplaces need custom doors that may cost over $5000.

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