Why won’t my Bosch washing machine door open?

Why won’t my Bosch washing machine door open?

A problem with the door both opening and closing properly can be caused by clothes, especially smaller garments such as socks. These can get jammed between the door and the washing machine housing. Ensure that there are no clothes caught between the door and the housing before starting a programme.

How do I unlock my Bosch washing machine 2?

Method #2. Another way to deactivate the child lock on particular Bosch washing machine models is to press and hold the “rpm” and the “finished in” buttons together for approximately three seconds. After this time you will hear an audible beep and the key symbol will disappear.

Can you reset a Bosch washing machine?

Press and hold down on the spin button and simultaneously turn the dial to the 7 o’clock position. Hold the spin button for around 5 seconds and then release. Turn the dial to the off positionIt may take a few attempts for the machine to reset.

What is wrong with my Bosch washing machine?

Bosch washing machine problems with spin can be easily fixed by a qualified engineer. The machine also won’t spin if the lid switch is faulty, the drive belt is broken, or the door won’t close. Again, this is most likely to be caused by a kinked or blocked hose, or a blocked filter.

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Why won’t my washing machine door open?

The most common cause is water left in machine. Try running a spin/drain cycle. If this fails, the machine can be drained by placing the washing machine drain hose lower than the drum (into a bucket or tray). The door interlock has simply jammed.

How do I reset my Bosch washing machine 4?

How to Reset a Bosch Washer

  1. Press the “Start/Pause” button.
  2. Turn the cycle selector to the “Off” position.
  3. Turn the cycle selector to a new cycle. A light will begin to flash.
  4. Press the “Start/Pause” button to begin the new cycle.

How do you turn on a Bosch washing machine?

My Bosch Washer Won’t Start

  1. Turn the washer’s cycle selector dial to the cycle you want to use.
  2. Place the laundry inside the appliance and close the door. The “Start/Pause” indicator light will flash.
  3. Hold the “Start/Pause” button for five seconds, then release. The washer will start.

How do you drain a Bosch washing machine?

Here’s how to drain water from a Bosch washing machine drain hose:

  1. Turn off the washer’s water tap or valve.
  2. Unplug the washer.
  3. Open and remove the service flap on the bottom right corner of the washer.
  4. Unfasten the black drainage hose.
  5. Place a shallow container under the hose to capture draining water.


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