Will YJ doors fit a TJ?

Yes CJ and YJ full hard doors will fit a TJ without moving the windshield.

Are TJ and YJ doors interchangeable?

No, they don’t interchange, but the above info is not accurate. The TJ and CY/YJ door bodies are basically the same overall size and shape, with one small exception below. The angle of the front of the window frame where it meets the windshield is identical on all models – CJ/YJ and TJ.

Are YJ and TJ half doors the same?

For the half door bottoms the years don’t matter as they’re all the same. I have a 2003 TJ with MOPAR half doors from a 1992 YJ. … If you’re using YJ lower hard doors you can modify a set of TJ uppers to fit.

Will YJ upper doors fit a TJ?

TJ uppers can be made to fit YJ lower doors, but the mounting points in the top of the YJ door will have to be modified. YJ “squared” uppers may or may not work with various soft tops, and they definitely will not work with any hardtops.

Will CJ doors fit a TJ?

According to my definition of “fit”, which includes “closes properly and seals well”, no you can’t use CJ/YJ doors on a TJ.

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