You asked: Who wrote Light My Fire doors?

Who is the original writer of Light My Fire?

Light My Fire

“Light My Fire”
Songwriter(s) Jim Morrison Robby Krieger John Densmore Ray Manzarek
Producer(s) Paul A. Rothchild
The Doors singles chronology
“Break On Through (To the Other Side)” (1967) “Light My Fire” (1967) “People Are Strange” (1967)

What did Jim Morrison say to Ed Sullivan?

50 years ago on September 17, 1967, Jim Morrison​ solidified his place as a poetic rebel. Before the band was to perform “Light My Fire” on The Ed Sullivan Show​, Jim was specifically told he couldn’t sing the word “higher” on air.

Who wrote Break on through to the other side?

Break On Through (To the Other Side)/Композиторы

Who has covered Light My Fire?


Title Performer Release date
Light My Fire Ripple Blast Singers 1968
Light My Fire Steve Miller [US3] 1968
Light My Fire Spanky Wilson 1968
Light My Fire José Feliciano 1968
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Are Light My Fire Spork dishwasher safe?

The Light My Fire Spork original is our spoon, fork and knife in-one combo. … The Spork is safe to use with non-stick cookware, 100% BPA-free Biobased Plastic and dishwasher safe.

Why is light my fire so long?

“Light My Fire” was deemed too long for airplay, but radio stations (especially in Los Angeles) got requests for the song from listeners who heard it off the album. Their label, Elektra Records decided to release a shorter version so they had producer Paul Rothchild do an edit.

Why did the doors get kicked off Ed Sullivan?

On this day in 1967, The Doors get booted from The Ed Sullivan Show after refusing to change an offending song lyric. As a result of their growing fame, they were asked to perform on The Ed Sullivan Show. …

Who was banned from the Ed Sullivan Show?

The Doors refused to change their lyrics, and they were never invited back to the show. Jackie Mason, a comedian, refused to cut his routine short when President Lyndon Johnson was due to speak, and he was banned from the show for two years. Bo Diddley was another famous act to face the wrath of Sullivan.

Why did the doors get banned from Ed Sullivan?

It was 50 years ago today, September 17th, 1967, that the Doors had their one and only performance on The Ed Sullivan Show. The infamous banning occurred after a producer from the show asked the band to change a lyric in “Light My Fire” ‘Girl we couldn’t get much higher’ to something else.

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Do I listen to Adler on break on through?

Boxing: Break On Through – Don’t listen to Adler during the mission. Reach the third reset, and follow the left path — it’s near the bridge, left of the zip-line. It’s on the cliff, making this one of the trickiest to find.

When did The Doors Release Break on through to the other side?


What Doors song is about drugs?

The End (The Doors song)

“The End”
Song by the Doors
Label Elektra
Songwriter(s) Jim Morrison Ray Manzarek Robby Krieger John Densmore
Producer(s) The Doors Paul A. Rothchild

Which Doors songs were covers?

Here’s how some of them expressed it.

  • The Cure – Hello, I Love You (The Doors cover)
  • The Delmonas – Hello, I Love You (The Doors cover)
  • Buddy Rich – Hello, I Love You (The Doors cover)
  • Dark Horses – Hello, I Love You (The Doors cover)
  • Minimatic – Hello, I Love You (The Doors cover)


What album was Light My Fire on?

The Doors

Who sang Light My Fire in 1968?

The Doors

 Profil Doors