Can you paint metal storm door?

Metal doors are easy to re-paint. There are a lot of color options to seal it and give it a new look. We decided to replace the mail slot, but repainted the door and door knobs. Of course, after you paint your door it may look so good that you’ll be inspired to replace those old door knobs.

What kind of paint do you use on a metal door?

Any paint that is durable, reasonably safe (non-toxic), and fade- and rust-resistant will work well for a metal door. Oil-based and water-based acrylic paints will be the most durable and useful options for this purpose. Oil-based paints are arguably the most durable paint for large metal surfaces.

Can I paint an aluminum storm door?

Aluminum doors can be easily painted with latex paint. Bear in mind that your aluminum storm door will be exposed to sunlight and painting it a dark color will negate the function of the storm door of providing energy efficiency. It will also make the paint fade away faster.

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How do you paint a metal storm door frame?

Lightly sand the frame with fine wet-dry sandpaper (300 to 500 grit), just enough to roughen the surface. Wash with soap and water, rinse, and let dry. Lightly spray with an exterior paint in a spray can. Let dry, then re-coat.

Can you paint the trim of a storm door?

Ever wanted to paint that ugly gray metal trim around your glass storm door? You can! I painted the entry door then decided to paint the metal around the storm door to match. I taped off the glass, primed the metal, and painted!

Do you need special paint for metal doors?

However, applying metal door paint needs extra special care because the paint isn’t absorbed into the material like it is with wood. If you don’t get the process right, you could end up with a rough-looking texture in your paint finish.

Is there a special paint for metal?

You can use either a water-based acrylic paint or an oil-based paint, as long as the container identifies “for metal” somewhere on its labeling. Oil-based paints take much longer to dry, and they need a high-quality paintbrush that doesn’t shed during application.

Should you paint a storm door?

Storm doors are exposed to the elements and therefore need a paint that can withstand the effects of heat, cold, wind and rain. … The three paint options for the door are spray paint, latex or enamel. Spray paints work best on metal doors. For best results, sand and primer your metal door before using spray paint.

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What kind of paint do you use for aluminum?

Choose acrylic or latex paint formulated for use on metal (and if you’re painting an outdoor item like aluminum patio furniture, don’t forget to pick a paint labeled “exterior grade”).

Should storm door match front door color?

*Colors and hardware: The color of your storm door’s frame shouldn’t compete with the primary exterior door. Choices can include white, off-white, gray, brown, green, black and red. Choose the same metal finish for your storm door’s locks and hardware as are on your primary exterior door.

Can you paint a forever door?

Wash it and paint it with a good exterior latex. … If the old finish is worn, it might be a good idea to prime it first with a good primer such as Zinsser 123. You can have the primer tinted toward the final color to aid with coverage.

How do you paint a storm door handle?

How to paint your front door, storm door, and hardware

  1. Remove and wipe down the knob hardware from the front door (keep door on its hinges) …
  2. Lightly sand and wipe the doors (I used 80 grit)
  3. Set up your hardware on a dropcloth (or out in the grass), and spray paint it in the color of your choice.
  4. While the hardware is drying, paint your front door and storm door.


How do you restore an aluminum storm door?

  1. Put on rubber gloves and squirt two to three drops of dish detergent into a bucket of water. …
  2. Wash the aluminum door with a large sponge and the soapy water. …
  3. Rinse the storm door with clean water and the sponge. …
  4. Dry the aluminum storm door with clean, dry rags.
  5. Apply an aluminum cleaner to the storm door.
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How can I make my storm door look better?

The storm door is the first thing people see when they look at your house, so it needs to look good. The easiest way to do that is to simply paint the door. It’s always important to prime before painting, but even more so when you’re painting a metal door, because paint will readily flake off unprimed metal.

Are Larson storm doors paintable?

We don’t recommend painting your storm door because it can void your warranty, so think about colors that play well together.

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