Do storm door closers come in different sizes?

Do storm door closers come in different lengths?

Storm door closers are available in different diameters, lengths and ends brackets.

How do I know what size door closer I need?

Check the width and height of the frame and door.

  1. Heavier doors will require a closer with a larger power size for optimal performance.
  2. If it is an extremely narrow frame, you may need to consider a concealed door closer.


What is the best storm door closer?

Top 7 Best Screen / Storm Door Closer Reviews

  • Wright Products V920wh Standard Duty – Best Pneumatic Screen Door Closer. …
  • Touch ‘n Hold Smooth – Dual Door Closer System – Extra Heavy-Duty Screen Door Closer. …
  • National Hardware N279-794 V1345 Touch ‘n Hold Pneumatic Screen Door Closers.

Where should a storm door closer be installed?

Screen door closers are typically installed on bottom, but can be installed on top if desired, although wind chain could be in the way. Always install on interior side of storm door; install on edge with hinges. If door frame is steel instead of wood, a commercial door closer is required; this one will not work.

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Why does my storm door have 2 closers?

Your storm door likely has one or two closers. Adjusting the speed on these can help prevent your door from slamming and ensuring a tight close every time. If you have two closers, adjust one at a time. … Both closers should now be set at the same speed to ensure your door closes every time.

How long do door closers last?

Standard-use screen door closers are common for residential homes. They are suitable at the front door and back door and will typically last for 10 to 15 years if properly maintained.

How do you adjust a storm door with two closers?

Dual Closer Speed Adjustment

  1. Start with the door in the fully closed position. …
  2. Open the door all the way and let it close. …
  3. Using Phillips screwdriver, turn the adjustment screw on the top closer at 1/4 turn intervals until the desired closing speed is achieved and the door latches shut completely.

What do door closer sizes mean?

Door Closers are rated by opening/closing force “Size”. The Size ratings are from #1 to #6, with Size #1 the weakest strength and Size #6 the strongest. Size #1 = 2 pounds of closing force, minimum. Size #2 = 3 pounds of closing force, minimum. Size #3 = 5 pounds of closing force, minimum.

Can I use a door closer outside?

For doors installed at exterior locations, the closer should be mounted inside of the building where possible. On interior openings, closers are often specified to be installed on the least public side of the openings. This way they will be out of view in common areas but will still perform their basic function.

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What are the best door closers?

The Best Door Closers

  1. Prime-Line KC10HD Safety Spring Door Closer. Our Choice. See More Reviews. …
  2. Wright Products V150WH Heavy Duty Pneumatic Closer. Honorable Mention. See More Reviews. …
  3. FORTSTRONG Commercial Door Closer FS-7600. Also Consider. See More Reviews. …
  4. Prime-Line KC17HD Safety Spring Door Closer. See More Reviews.


Is hydraulic door closer better than pneumatic?

Pneumatic closers are generally lower in cost than the hydraulic models, with many models selling for under $2. They are most widely used to control screen and storm doors on the outside of the house, though heavier duty models are available for jalousie doors and for standard weight interior doors.

Who makes LCN door closers?

LCN is a door hardware brand within the Allegion group of companies. With more than 27 brands sold in over 120 countries, Allegion is pioneering safety as a provider of security solutions for homes and businesses around the world. LCN manufactures a full range of top-quality door closers and openers.

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