Frequent question: Why was Hodor holding the door?

Hodor keeps holding the door to give Meera time to escape with the still unconscious Bran, sacrificing his life as the wights tear him apart in their attempt to break out of the cave.

Why did Hodor say hold the door?

In the book, Hodor has stolen one of the old swords from the crypt. Bran has been warging into Hodor and practicing with his body, because Bran had been trained in swordplay. So telling Hodor to ‘hold the door’ is more like ‘hold this pass’ — defend it when enemies are coming — and Hodor is fighting and killing them.

Was Hodor always meant to hold the door?

Bran’s intervention (or the Three Eyed Raven’s, rather) caused Bran to attempt to warg into Hodor (formerly Wylis) while he was visiting a scene from the past. This caused him to lose the ability to say anything other than the words that would eventually lead to his death: ‘Hold the door’ became ‘Hodor’.

Why did Hodor go crazy?

Because of the weird time bridge that is Bran connecting the younger and the present-day Hodor, the younger version goes into a seizure and begins repeating, “hold the door,” over and over again, eventually mashing the phrase together into “Hodor.”

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Why is Hodor’s death so sad?

Because Hodor didn’t choose to join the fight, and he spent most of his life with an intellectual disability because Bran warg’d him in that moment when he died. He was essentially dying throughout most of his life, doomed to repeat “Hold the door” and nothing else, over and over again.

Why does Hodor not speak?

“Hodor” is a seemingly nonsense word, though in the process it became the name everyone calls him. It is derived from the phrase “hold the door”, the words that Hodor heard during the seizure that mentally disabled him as a result of the future Bran Stark accidentally warging into his young self during a vision.

Did Hodor always know?

In the vision of the past, we saw Wyllis collapse and convulse while muttering “hold the door,” until present day Hodor was killed by White Walkers. … Hodor was the hero we never knew we had. HBO. It’s possible that Hodor did not know he was going to die that day.

Is Hodor a Targaryen?

“Hodor is actually Aegon Targaryen. … before finally the last thing Aegon/Hodor hears before his head was dashed against the wall, causing serious brain damage and trauma was ‘HODOR!’ ”

How does Jojen die?

Jojen is grabbed by one of the wights, but Meera comes to his aid before he is dragged beneath the snow. Jojen is mercy-killed by Meera.

Is Hodor part giant?

Originally Answered: Does Hodor have giant’s blood? Not really, no. Hodor is the descendant of a “knight” named Duncan (Dunk) the Tall, who befriended Aegon V when Aegon was a boy and took Aegon (Egg) as his squire.

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Is Hodor a White Walker?

The character became a fan favorite after her appearance in the battle episode “Hardhome,” which ended with the Night King resurrecting her as a white walker.

Is Hodor bigger than the mountain?

Thor Björnssonn, who plays Gregor Clegane AKA the Mountain, stands 6’9″ tall while Kristian Nairn, who plays Hodor, stands 7’0″ tall. So Hodor is taller on the show. But in the books, no one bests the Mountain who was written as 7’10” tall.

How did Hodor lose his speech?

Hodor lost his ability to speak because Bran warged into both present Hodor and past Hodor/Wylis. … This caused past Hodor/Wylis’ brain damage and resulted in him only being able to say ‘Hodor’ for the rest of his days.

What is the meaning of Hodor?

In Episode 55 (“The Door”), viewers finally learn what Hodor has tried to communicate for the last five years. His real name is Wyllis, by the way. And he’s saying “Hodor,” a contraction of “Hold the door!”

What is Hodor meme?

What does the Hodor meme mean? Hodor memes reference the character Hodor from the television series Game of Thrones and the book series A Song of Ice and Fire. They may more specifically allude to the “hold the door” moment in the Game of Thrones episode “The Door.”

What does hold the door mean?

to hold the door (for sbdy): to keep the door open (for somebody)

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