How did Ausable Max and Fowler react when there was a knock at the door?

Answer: Max and fowler was shocked . But a usable already knew that there will be a knock at the door as he had ordered juice. He knew that it is the waiter but to frighten max he said that it is the police as he had himself called the police to check on him as he was going to receive the important documents.

How did Ausable react when there was a knock at the door?

Ausable told Max that the police had arrived when a knock was heard on the door. He said that such an important paper as the one they were waiting for should have a little extra protection and so he had asked the police to check on him to make sure everything was fine.

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How did Max react at the knocking?

What did Max do when he learnt that the police was knocking at the door? Max became too angry when he got to know that Ausable had called the police. He backed swiftly towards the window and swung a leg over the sill. He warned Ausable to send the police away and said that he would wait on the balcony.

How did Max feel when he heard someone knocking at the door?

Ans. Ausable was very quick of mind. His sharp brain could cook up any story that could fit in a particular situation. When Max heard a loud knocking at the door, he got nervous.

What did Ausable say to Max when there was a knock at the door?

When there was a sudden knock at the door, Ausable said that it might be the police. He said that he himself had called the police. Max jumped through the window to the balcony.

How did Ausable outsmart and outwit the crafty Max and got rid of him?

He cooked up the story of the balcony below the window of his room and the arrival of the police. He outwitted and outsmarted his rival and enemy secret agent, Max, who had come to take away a very important paper concerning some new missiles. Through his presence of mind, Ausable was able to get rid of his rival, Max.

Did Ausable know that it was the waiter who had knocked at the door?

Answer: Yes , Ausable knew that it was the waiter who had knocked at the door. We can say this because Ausable didn’t called any police but he had ordered a drink when he returned.

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How did Max react when Ausable told him that the loud knocking at the door were of the police?

When Max heard a loud knocking at the door, he got nervous. Ausable told Max that the knocking at the door announced the arrival of the police. After all, he was holding an important paper concerning missiles. He had sought police protection.

How did we behave to see Max in his room?

Answer: Ausable blinked a few times and said that Max gave him a start he thought that Max was in Berlin. Ausable was also upset because he was expecting the arrival of some secret papers and Max was there to thwart his plan. Hope it helps you.

What did Max do to stop police?

Max jumped out of the window to escape the police.

He tries his best to convince Max about the balcony and Max believed him. When someone came to Max’s room knocking on the door Max thought that police has arrived to get him so he thought of escaping by jumping from the window into the balcony.

What was the effect of the repeated knocking at the door on Max?

Answer: Ausable told Max there was police on the door because he had askesd them for protection of the papers and if he will not answer the door, they will break in. he also told him that he could hide in the balcony beside the window.

Who actually had knocked at the door of Ausable room Why did he come there?

Answer: A waiter was knocking at the door because he came to serve the beer which was ordered by Ausable for his visitor. In this story ”mid night visitor” Ausable was a secret agent and he was expecting to receive an important paper that night. A writer named Fowler came to visit him to get some inspiration.

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What did Ausable say about the paper then to Max?

Answer: Ausable told Max that there may be police on the door because he had asked for the security of the important paper he is having . He said so because Max had came there for taking away the important paper which ausable was having.

How did he get rid of Max?

Ausable was a secret agent who handled Max cleverly. He told Max that he would complain to the hotel authorities. There was a knock and he said it is the police. Max asked Ausable to send the police back and in the meantime Max would go and wait on the balcony — and this is how Ausable got rid of Max.

Who between Ausable and Max do you think is more intelligent?

Answer. Undoubtedly, Ausable is more intelligent than Max. When Max tries to elicit some secret information out of Ausable on gunpoint, the latter handles it very intelligently; he makes such a clever plan of the ordinary happenings that Max gets trapped in them.

What did Ausable say about a paper to Fowler?

Answer. Answer: Ausable allegedly said to Fowler that his interest is losing because things are not going according to him. He said that Fowler was in dillusion that something positive would happen.

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