How do I connect my Kwikset SmartCode 916 to Alexa?

How do I connect my Kwikset 916 to Alexa?

On the account linking page, enter your Kwikset app username and password, then tap Sign In. Tap “Discover Devices” to show the newly discovered Halo devices that you can control using Alexa. Continue to the next page for additional steps. You can tap Skip or tap Choose Group to add your device to a group.

Does Kwikset SmartCode work with Alexa?

Kwikset SmartCode 914 Keypad Smart Lock (Amazon Key Edition – Amazon Cloud Cam required), Compatible with Alexa, featuring SmartKey in Satin Nickel. Learn more about free returns.

How do you put a Kwikset lock on Alexa?

Enable the Kevo skill in the Alexa app8. Within the Alexa app, link your Kevo Smart Lock account and give the skill permission to access your locks and establish an unlock pin.

Does the Kwikset SmartCode 916 have Bluetooth?

Kwikset SmartCode 916 Smart Lock has Bluetooth and Z-Wave connection options as out of the box.

Does Kwikset 916 work with Alexa?

To connect your SmartCode with HomeConnect to Alexa you’ll need 3 pieces of hardware: Kwikset SmartCode with HomeConnect. Shop our 910, 912, 914, and 916 product here, Kwikset smart locks. Samsung Smart Things or Wink.

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How do I connect my Kwikset 910 to Alexa?

Get Started:

  1. Install your Halo Smart Lock – check that the Kwikset app is able to lock/unlock remotely over WiFi or cellular network.
  2. Set up your Amazon Echo+, Echo, Dot or other devices with Amazon Alexa.
  3. Enable the Kwikset Smart Home skill in Alexa.

How do I program my Kwikset SmartCode 914?

  1. Make sure the door is open. Press the Program button once.
  2. Press checkmark symbol once.
  3. Enter user code. A total of 16 user codes may be programmed. Each user code must be a unique code between 4 and 8 digits.
  4. Press lock symbol once.

What lock works with Alexa?

The best smart locks that work with Alexa are August Smart Lock (3rd gen), Schlage Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt, Yale Assure Lock, and Kwikset Obsidian Amazon Key.

Can Alexa unlock Kwikset Halo?

Does Halo work with voice assistants such as Alexa or Google Assistant? Yes, Halo smart locks integrate with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

How do you tell which Kwikset lock I have?

These locks can be identified by a small vertical slot on the plug, located to the left of the cylinder’s keyway**. These locks will also be marked “Kwikset” or “Weiser”.

What app do you use for Kwikset SmartCode 916?

Meet the App. Available for iOS & select Android devices, the smart lock app controls Kevo right from your smartphone or tablet.

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