How do I program my Kwikset SmartCode 915?

How do I reset my Kwikset Smartcode 915?

2 Press and HOLD the Program button while reinserting the battery pack. Keep holding the button for 30 seconds until the lock beeps and the status LED flashes red. 4 After a few seconds, the lock will initiate the door handing process, and the latch bolt will extend and retract to learn the orientation of the door.

How do I program my Kwikset Smartcode?

How do I program my SmartCode 913 lock?

  1. Open the door.
  2. Remove battery cover.
  3. Press the program button once.
  4. Enter new user code.
  5. Press lock button.
  6. If programming is successful the keypad will flash green once, and you will hear one beep.

How do you program a Kwikset 909?

(1) Hold LOCK button on keypad while (2) inserting the battery pack into the interior. The lock will automatically sense the handing of the door and will extend & retract deadbolt latch. Two beeps will sound in approximately 30 seconds to confirm successful installation.

What is the master code for Kwikset?

The default Mastercode is 0-0-0-0. It is recommended that you change it to a code of your own. 1. Make sure the lock is unlocked and the door is open.

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How do you reset a Kwikset door lock code?

How do I reset a code on my Powerbolt?

  1. Insert functioning key & turn 1/4 turn clockwise.
  2. Insert & remove the SmartKey learn tool. Remove functioning key.
  3. Insert new key & turn 1/2 turn counter-clockwise. Done. Your lock is now re-keyed! “”

How do I change the code on my Kwikset SmartCode?

Enable the master code and follow these steps when the door is open.

  1. Press the program button once. The keypad flashes green and beeps three times.
  2. Press the lock button once.
  3. Enter master code.
  4. Press the lock button once.
  5. Press 9 six times.
  6. Press the lock button once.
  7. Press 9 six times.
  8. Press the lock button once.

Where is the Kwikset program button?

Do this carefully to avoid damaging the lock assembly. While the door is open, press the “Program” keypad button located on the interior side of the door. Enter a four to eight digit security code that you can easily remember on the outside electronic lock keypad.

How do you program a Kwikset 264 Deadbolt?

Press “Kwikset” then “6” then “Kwikset”3. Enter time between 10 and 99 seconds. 4. Press “Kwikset”For all programming sequences, success is indicated when the Kwikset button flashes green 2 times and you hear 2 beeps.

How do you program a Kwikset?

How to enable/disable programming code on my SmartCode 955?

  1. A programming code enables you to make changes without needing to access the programming button. …
  2. Make sure the door is open. …
  3. Press 3. …
  4. Press Kwikset button.
  5. Enter a programming code. …
  6. Press Kwikset button.
  7. Re-enter programming code.
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