How do you hang garland around a door without nails?

Try a metal doorway garland hanger to attach the garland across the top of the doorframe. This convenient invention fits into place without any nails or screws and doesn’t damage your door.

How do you hang a heavy garland around a door without nails?

Attach an upside-down adhesive hook to the back of the door to hide the hook. Instead of attaching adhesive hooks to the front of the door, attach an upside down hook to the back of the door near the top. Then, wrap a ribbon around it and bring the ribbon over the top of the frame to the front of the door.

How do you get Garland to stay around the door?

For an easy, foolproof option, attach a garland hanger to any door frame — indoors or outdoors — and just drape your greens over the top. Since they’re adjustable, they can be moved around from door to door (or door to window) in the years to come.

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How do you hang garland without nails?

1. Command Hooks. Command hooks are really the best thing I’ve found for hanging wreaths, garland and stockings on my mantel, door, or wall, without nails! If you haven’t used them yet, they are little hooks with a non-damaging adhesive double sided tape on the back.

How do you hang garland around an exterior door?

You can hang garland on exterior door in a variety of ways. The most well-known and common options are sticking with adhesive tape, hanging and fastening with nails or thumbtacks.

Where should I put Garland in my house?

The fireplace mantel is one of the more traditional areas, where garlands can be found draped over the top and hung down the sides. Garlands hung over the front door entrance can offer guests a warm decorative greeting.

How do you hang garland around columns?

Weave faux or fresh garland around the porch columns, using hooks, nails or small pieces of packing tape to fasten the top and bottom ends. Twist a string of lights around garland that isn’t pre-lit. Encircle your porch columns with wide, weatherproof ribbon.

How do you stick Garland to a wall?

How to Hang Garland with damaging your walls

  1. Clean your walls with rubbing alcohol first. Don’t use these on freshly painted walls – it’s best to wait at least a week. …
  2. Attach one adhesive strip to the hook. …
  3. Stick the hook with the adhesive to the wall and press firmly.

How do you hang garland around your nails?

Hammer in nails every 12″ or so around the border of your door or window. Then wrap a large piece of floral wire around the garland and secure it to the nail. That’s it!

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What do you use to hang garland on a mantle?

Here’s how:

  1. Attach several clear or white removable hooks evenly spaced on top of the mantel.
  2. Securely tie fishing wire around the garland to align with the hooks.
  3. Tie the other end of the fishing wire around the hooks tightly, so the garland is hanging in front of the mantel in a draping effect.


How long should Garland be on mantle?

“The end tails of the garland should hang no further than 1/3 the height of the floor to the mantel for vertical proportion,” he says. Keep your garland’s color palette simple,like this beautiful red and brown garland, but vary texture to keep things interesting but cohesive.

Can you put garland outside ACNH?

You can put garlands on your door! How do you do that?? Stand next to your door outside and it should be an option when you select them in your inventory!

How do you hang garland on a fence?

Hang Garland and Wreaths for Fence Decoration

Use the taller fence posts of a picket fence as anchor points for the garland, and let it hang down in the shape of a smile. Put wreaths at each point where two curves intersect, and you’ll be good to go!

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