How does Gregor open the door?

While Gregor tries to lift himself off the floor, the office manager and his family discuss the strange change in his voice, and his sister leaves to fetch a doctor and a locksmith. Gregor reaches the door, turns the lock with his mouth, and slowly pulls open the door.

What does Gregor attempt to open?

Gregor’s father asks Gregor to open the door, but Gregor refuses. Gregor’s sister, still in her room on the other side of his own, starts to cry. The manager then asks Gregor to open the door.

What draws Gregor out of his room?

These men cannot stand mess and disorder, so the family moves much of the furniture and the cleaning lady’s supplies into Gregor’s room. Gregor enjoys crawling through the clutter, though doing so leaves him exhausted.

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What happens to Gregor when he leaves his room?

Gregor is helping pay off his debt by working as a traveling salesman. It will take another 5-6 years to pay off his families debt. What happens to Gregor when he leaves his room to meet the office manager? … The family and the office manager shriek and are in shock.

What happens to Gregor after his family comes to his door knocking?

Gregor injures himself squeezing back through the doorway, and his father slams the door shut. Gregor, exhausted, falls asleep.

Why did Gregor turn into a bug?

The Metamorphosis implies that Gregor Samsa was transformed into an insect because he felt as worthless as an insect, since his life as a worker dehumanized him. He does die. A good thesis could examine whether Gregor could have escaped his fate by being less passive about his life.

Does Gregor ever turn back into a human?

Despite having changed into an insect, Gregor initially still wants to go to work so that he can provide for his family. It takes him time to realize that he can no longer play that role in his family and that he can’t even go outside in his current state. … But Gregor’s humanity never disappears entirely.

What does Gregor realize as he watches the tenants eat their dinner?

His mother and sister bring in food for them and they inspect it carefully before eating. … Gregor, watching them chew, realizes that he is starving to death because, lacking teeth, he cannot eat human food. Grete begins playing the violin in the kitchen and the lodgers ask her to come into the living room to play.

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WHO removes Gregor’s body after death?

After Gregor dies, the charwoman removes his body from the room with the rest of the rubbish.

Who decides to get rid of Gregor?

When Gregor reveals himself to the boarders, causing the boarders to say they’re leaving without paying rent, Grete finally decides they must get rid of Gregor.

What circumstances in Gregor’s life might?

What circumstances in Gregor’s life might have caused him to feel dehumanized even before The Metamorphosis took place? Gregor works a tedious, mindless job and has little meaningful interaction with other people. He is a slave to debt and other people only seem to care about his contribution to the work force.

Why won’t Gregor eat in front of her?

Why won’t Gregor eat in front of her? he didn’t want to make her uncomfortable and thought he would judge her. … They think it will make him think they don;t love him anymore and that they’ve given up, although they still love him.

How does Gregor’s family members handle Gregor’s death?

After seeing him dead his father says “‘now we can give thanks to God.” and his sister says “Finally.” Then all three leave the apartment together. … This is how they handle Gregor’s death.

Why does Gregor hide when his sister comes into the room?

Gregor’s sister comes in and, seeing he is under the sofa, takes away the milk. … His sister returns, throws away everything he didn’t eat, and leaves, while Gregor hides under the couch despite the discomfort (his body is swollen from eating) in order to spare her the unpleasantness of having to see all of him.

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What do you think is the purpose of the ending after Gregor has died?

The ending is quite cynical in this way. Gregor dies loving his family, only for them to experience relief at his death, looking forward to a future without him. They never even consider how Gregor suffered.

What food did Gregor dislike as a bug?

Gregor has turned into a beetle or cockroach, so his tastes change to prefer insect food such as garbage.

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