Quick Answer: Do they make blinds for French doors?

The solution is to buy shallow blinds for your French doors that fit comfortably between the door and decorative handles. … The blinds or shades you choose may depend on the amount of light you want to let in. If you prefer to completely block light, choose a blackout roller or honeycomb shade.

What kind of blinds are best for French doors?

Regular window blinds, in vinyl, aluminum, or wood, also work on French doors.

Can you add blinds to French doors?

French doors consist of two doors installed side-by-side that can both open simultaneously to create a larger opening into a room than a single door provides. … You can attach mini blinds to your French doors, so you can control the amount of light and privacy by opening and closing the blinds.

How do you put blinds on a French door?

Installing Blinds on a French Door

  1. Measure the Door. …
  2. Take into consideration the door handle. …
  3. Check your purchase. …
  4. Make your marks. …
  5. Drill your holes. …
  6. Drill in your mounting brackets. …
  7. Install your blinds into brackets and test blinds. …
  8. Hold down bracket.
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What can I cover my French doors with?


  • patterned grey curtains over the French doors.
  • simple modern grey curtains over the doors.
  • rounded ceiling with neutral curtains by doors.
  • color block cream and navy curtains over the doors.
  • tulle curtains attached right to the doors.
  • burlap curtains attached in bow shape to the doors.


What are INTU blinds?

INTU Blinds are an alternative to Perfect Fit Blinds. All of our Intu Blinds are “bead-fit” which means no drilling or screwing is required to fit them to your windows, doors or conservatory. They simply Snap Fit!

Are INTU blinds expensive?

So the INTU blinds are only made by companies who supply the trade and not by smaller manufacturers like ourselves. So they do have a higher price when compared to Perfect Fit.

Can you put wooden blinds on french doors?

Wooden blinds for bifolds, sliding and French doors

Choose from a wide range of sizes, styles and finishes at Wooden Blinds Direct. Patio doors and large expanses of glazing can lend well to wooden blinds, as long as they are installed in a way that won’t hinder the door’s functionality.

How do you install cellular shades on a French door?

We recommend adding at least an inch to the left and right sides of the door shades. On the height you will want to mount above the window on the top of the door and also have the shades extend past the bottom of the window on the door. You should add at least 3-4 inches to the height.

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What is the difference between perfect fit and INTU blinds?

Both integrate fully into the window or door, no holes to drill, no screws to fix and child safe. Both of the products we offer come in a range of different hardware colours. So, what ‘s the difference? In short Perfect Fit blinds have a frame whereas INTU blinds don’t.

What is the best way to cover French doors?

Floor-length draperies look best on French doors installed in pairs and they’re ideal when you want to dress the room’s windows to match the door coverings. Opt for draperies lined in white or ivory if the French doors open to the outside. For interior doors, consider a lining made of decorative fabric.

What curtains to put on French doors?

DO use full-length curtains over your French doors. For maximum coverage, you want to make sure your curtains extend to the floor. DON’T skimp on curtain width. Make sure your curtains completely cover the doors when they’re closed.

How do you hang curtains on wooden French doors without drilling holes?

To hang curtains on your French doors without drilling holes, you can use a Kwik-Hang bracket or a magnetic rod. Place the brackets or ends of the rod at the top corners of the window frame on your door and bump them into place carefully with a hammer or a small rubber mallet. It’s that easy!

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