Quick Answer: How do I cover my garage door windows?

Do you put blinds on garage windows?

Garages are one of the last places that many homeowners consider when they’re buying new window treatments, but they’re a prime spot for adding new blinds and shades—especially if they’re detached or have large wall-side windows to match the ones throughout the rest of your home.

Can garage door windows be tinted?

Most people tint their garage windows for privacy. … Tinting is an easy option to having curtains, blinds, shades or other types of window coverings that would be difficult to have in a garage. Tinted windows are easy to clean.

What can I cover my garage door windows with?

5 Of The Best Window Coverings for Your Garage

  • Frosted Glass Windows. Frosted glass is a great option if you want to keep your garage well lit and maintain your privacy. …
  • Interior Shutters. Vinyl shutters installed on the inside of your garage can hold up well for years. …
  • Blinds. …
  • Tableaux.


How do I keep the sun out of my garage?

Install an Awning or Plant a Tree

You can purchase and install a roll-away awning that can be pulled down to block the sun during the hot summer months. When the awning is in place, it can shade your garage door from strong sun and keep the air temperature around your garage door significantly cooler.

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How do I keep my garage windows clean?

he best way to keep your space bug-free is by sealing the cracks; you can also add an extra layer of protection through window treatments like blinds. You can invest in window blinds if you want to give your windows a little bit of extra protection against creepy crawlies. Some window blinds are better suited for this.

Do garages have windows?

Garage windows are available in all sorts of sizes, styles and designs including windows built into the garage doors. Because of this you’ll have the benefits of ventilation and natural light along with a better looking exterior that’s potentially as good looking as the house.

How do you frost garage windows?

You can also frost glass by means of window film, which is non-adhesive and works via static cling.

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Clean the glass throughly and tape off the window or door frame.
  2. Apply a thin coat of the spray paint and let it dry.
  3. Apply additional coats, if you wish for great opacity.
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