What does the idiom slam the door in someone’s face mean?

or slam the door in someone’s face. phrase. If someone shuts the door in your face or slams the door in your face, they refuse to talk to you or give you any information.

What does slam the door mean?

to close a door violently when someone is about to come into a room. Synonyms and related words. – To close or lock something.

What does turn away and slam the door mean?

Both turn my back and slam the door mean a rejection of something.

What does the idiom through the back door mean?

: in a secret or indirect way He managed to get into the private club through the back door because he has a friend who works there.

What does it mean to close the door on someone?

phrase. If someone closes the door on something, they stop thinking about it or dealing with it.

Why is slamming doors bad?

Slamming Doors

Repeated slamming can loosen the hinges and cause misalignment in the door jamb. So not only will you get an unsightly gap in your door, but you’ll also develop a security risk because of the weakened hinges. The door frame and door itself will also sustain damage from the heavy impact.

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Is slamming doors rude?

Hm, yeah, don’t see it as rude. It’s more like they are venting and they are taking to take out some anger and frustration out on the door. Some people choose to scream into a pillow, some choose to smack a wall, some choose to listen to heavy death metal music, and some choose to slam a door.

Can a door slam open?

Senior Member. “slam” refers to the impact (the noisy impact) when the door hits the door-frame. Slamming a door is usually accompanied by a loud bang. I suppose if the door hit something noisily as it swung open (such as a wall), you could say that it was “slammed open” but this sounds unusual.

What does it mean to be one with the Wind?

If someone is in the wind, they are missing, especially after escaping: The suspects are in the wind. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases. Knowledge and awareness. acquaintance.

What does the idiom keep the wolf from the door mean?

informal. : to have or earn enough money to afford things (such as food and clothing) that is needed to live They make just enough to keep the wolf from the door.

What does foot in the door mean?

: to make the first step toward a goal by gaining entry into an organization, a career, etc. He took a job as a secretary to get his foot in the door.

Is it rude to close the door on someone?

In many offices, it’s totally acceptable to close someone’s door with an apologetic smile, especially if they’re a peer or you’re senior to them. In other offices, that would be considered rude, particularly if the people behind that door are senior to you. … But it all comes down to the norms in your office.

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How do you close the door in a relationship?

Once you get close to shutting that door, follow through by using these rules of closure:

  1. Stow the idea of a trial separation.
  2. Don’t be sweet-talked or tempted by memory back into the relationship.
  3. Do not, I repeat, do not consider sexual farewells. …
  4. Shut your ears to promises you know won’t be kept.


What does close mean?

Verb. close, end, conclude, finish, complete, terminate mean to bring or come to a stopping point or limit. close usually implies that something has been in some way open as well as unfinished.

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