What size is my door handle?

How do I know what size door handle I need?

There are 3 main sizes to take when measuring a door handle. Next is the distance between the centre of the top screw to the centre of the bottom screw. Finally the length of the handle plate, top to bottom.

Are door handles universal?

Door levers are left-handed, right-handed or universal. To determine what you need, look at the door from outside the house or room. If the hinges are on the left, look for a left-handed or universal lever. If the hinges are on the right, you need a right-handed or universal model.

Are door handles standard sizes?

The industry standards are usually 44 mm/ 57mm / 82mm / 107mm / 130mm. Ideally you will try and choose the backset measurement that sites the door handle in the middle of the door stile. A shorter backset is recommended if you’re using a glazed door.

What is the standard height for a door handle?

All handles, pulls, latches, locks, and other operable parts of the door should measure between 34 inches and 48 inches above the floor.

What is a backplate on a door handle?

Available on latch, lock or bathroom plate, our chrome door handles on backplate can be fitted to new doors or replace existing door handles. … The integrated backplate neatly conceals the appearance of old screw holes in the door.

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Are door handles reversible?

Reversing door handles

Whether they include a lock or not, lever handles are generally reversible. In fact, many rotating door handles can be removed quickly and switched to a different position.

How do I choose a door handle?

Approach door handle design in the same way that you would approach any other interior design task. Consider what your overall theme is in the building you are choosing the handles for, then consider the design of the room it will be used in and, finally, the type of door design that your handles will be used with.

Do door handles come in pairs?

Door handles are necessary mechanisms that enable users to open and close a door. … All door handles are sold in pairs so as to ensure that there is a match for each side of the door.

Are all door latches the same size?

The most common size has a casing which is 63mm in depth and the distance to the middle of the square operating spindle is 44mm. This size of latch is used for the majority of lever handles on back plates, where the width of the back plate is about 40-45mm.

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