Who is knocking at the door at the end of the monkeys paw?

One could therefore argue that the monkey’s paw holds no power at all and that Herbert would have died had Mr. White never even made the wish. The frantic knocking at the door is perhaps someone else entirely who goes away just as Mr. White makes his third wish.

Who knocked on the door at the end of the monkey’s paw?

White both believed it was the undead Herbert at the door. Mrs. White, described as being mentally faster than her husband, will surely put two and two together and realize that Mr. White wished away her Herbert.

What happens at the end of the monkey’s paw?

The ending and resolution of the story focuses on the second wish that the couple make to have their son alive again. … he heard the creaking of the bolt as it came slowly back, and at the same moment he found the monkey’s paw, and frantically breathed his third and last wish.

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Who do you think is knocking at the door at the end of the story why does the knocking stop?

So the knocking could have stopped so suddenly because of the magical powers of the monkey’s paw, or it could have stopped so suddenly because the hapless stranger gave up in disgust after realizing that the people inside were just not going to open their door.

What is the final wish in the monkey’s paw?

White’s final wish, the fact that the moment he found the paw on the floor, he “frantically breathed his third and last wish and the knocking ceased suddenly,” implies that the father’s last wish was for his son to return to where he now belongs.

What does the monkey’s paw symbolize?

The monkey’s paw is a symbol of desire and greed—everything that its owner could possibly wish for and the unrestricted ability to make it happen. This power makes the paw alluring, even to unselfish people who desire nothing and have everything they need.

Why did Mr White wish for Herbert not to come back?

White ignores her husband and proceeds to wish her son alive again. … Therefore, he refuses to open the door when they hear the knock and makes his final wish — probably wishing for their son, Herbert, to be dead again. So, he does not answer the door because he believes that his son will be a dead, mutilated body.

What killed Herbert in The Monkey’s Paw?

A worker is sent to the White’s house and told to let them know their son, Herbert has been in an “accident.” He tells them that “Herbert is not in any pain.” The man also tells them that Herbert got caught in the “machinery.” He is dead and the company while accepting no responsibility for the accident offers the …

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Is the monkey’s paw evil?

The Monkey’s Paw is a legendary item of evil intent that allowed whoever held it to obtain wishes, at a horrific price – being prone to twist the wishes in order to unleash the worst outcomes.

What is ironic about Mr White’s first wish?

Amazingly, he gets his wish, which also leads to the irony. It is ironic because he receives the 200 smackers as a settlement payment for his son’s death. His beloved son has fallen prey to some nefarious industrial accident and his corpse has been pretty messed up in the process.

Which line spoken by Herbert Best foreshadows what will happen to him?

Name a main character from the story. Which line spoken by Herbert best foreshadows what will happen to him? “I don’t see the money… and I bet I never will.”

What was Mr White’s third wish?

In The Monkey’s Paw, what is the third wish and what are its consequences? He wished for his son to be dead again and the consequences were that the mother saw him and she was in anguish.

Why would you be unlikely to remember a prosaic day?

Why might a person believe that fate controls his life? What effect might being lied to have on your credulity? Why would you be unlikely to remember a prosaic day? … It illustrates that believing in the power of the monkey’s paw could ruin people’s lives.

What was the result of Mr White’s final wish?

White’s final wish was? to make whatever was at the door to go away and disappear.

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What was Mr White’s third wish and why?

What can the reader infer was Mr. White’s third wish? That his son would come back to them healthy. That he had never made a first wish.

What is the Mr White’s third and final wish?

The third and final wish was White’s alone. We do not know the exact words he said, but he obviously wished that the knocking would cease and the person knocking would go away forever.

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