Will TJ half doors fit a cj7?

Thanks… TJ doors won’t work. They are too thick and a different profile where they meet the strikers. YJ doors will go right on like they were made for it!

What doors fit a cj7?

So I thought I’d write about them. The CJ 7 came with either full soft doors or full steel doors. If you want to put full steel doors on a CJ 7, you can use Wrangler YJ doors (1987-1995). They fit perfectly and will cost between $600- $900 a pair used.

Will Jeep Wrangler doors fit a cj7?

TJ doors (full steelies) WILL fit on a CJ-7 with modification the the striker plate.

Will TJ seats fit in a CJ?

Yes, as stated above, the CJ and YJ seats are the same width but the TJ seat is wider. The wheel wells of the TJ are modified to allow the seat to fit, they have indentations where the wider seat sits.

Are cj7 and YJ doors the same?

Registered. CJ-7 doors are pretty much the same thing as YJ doors.

Will a TJ soft top fit a cj5?

A TJ top can be made to work on a CJ-7, but the trouble is in the top of the windshield frame as a small section on each side needs to be cut.

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Will a YJ soft top fit a cj7?

It fit snug and folded easily. I have a YJ supertop on my cj7. It will work fine but you will have to do a lot of fine tuning to make it fit nice. As far as running with the side curtains off, it will work alot better if you wrap something around the part of the top that goes to the tub.

Will a CJ7 rear seat fit in a CJ5?

The back seat will fit in a CJ5 but very limited leg room for the rear passengers. It’s the same width, but the body is 2″ shorter than the CJ7 to allow for the automatic transmission option in the CJ7. That means a lot since the CJ7 legroom is already cramped.

Will a TJ rear seat fit a YJ?

no. not sure about how the mounting points would line up, but the tj seat is wider the the yj rear seat.

How wide is a CJ5 rear seat?

What are the dimensions for these rear seats? The dimensions are 35″ Width x 21″ Height x 20″ Depth.

Are CJ and YJ doors interchangeable?

thanks. yes, they will fit. these are CJ doors on my 93 YJ. the only isue you might have is if the CJ doors have the twist style handle, those require a different striker to be put on the jeep tub.

What year did they stop making CJ7?

The production of the CJ7 ceased in 1986. The last batch came with a factory dash plaque that read, “Last of a Great Breed – This collectors-edition CJ ends an era that began with the legendary Jeep of World War II.”

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