You asked: How do you get past the trap door in Granny 2?

How do you get past the trap door in Granny Chapter 2?

It is possible to trigger the trap without falling in the Kitchen. This can be done more easily by crouching and slowly approaching it, just close enough to make it open without falling. There was a glitch that makes it possible to cross the Trapdoor without the Glass Fuse.

How do you unlock the doors in the attic in Granny 2?

To access it, use the Hammer to knock the Planks over. If the Planks fall on the floor, they will make noise, alerting Granny. Inside that room is a door that connects the Baby Room and the Jail Room, but it is locked and only Granny can open it.

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How do you escape the door in a granny?

While Granny investigates the Main Door, go round the long way to the Microwave to get the Master Key. Go to the Backyard and do the Timed Window jump one last time and go to the Main Door to use the Master Key to escape.

Where is the door lock in Granny 2?

Locks Enemies In The Room

You can lock in the Granny & Grandpa using Door Lock. Simply tap the doorknob and red light will turn on, sealing enemy inside for certain amount of time.

How many endings are in Granny 2?

As of Version 1.5, there are 5 endings, the normal ending, the practice ending, secret ending, the secret practice ending, and alternate ending. The normal ending is played once the player escapes through the Main Door. The practice ending is played when the player escapes through the Main Door on Practice mode.

How do I survive Granny Chapter 2?

Granny: Chapter Two Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Outsmart Granny and Escape the House

  1. Spend Time On Practice Mode. …
  2. Repeat Encounters To Drive The Fear Out. …
  3. Staying Quiet Is Half Of The Strategy. …
  4. Use The Security Cameras As Soon As You Can. …
  5. Staying Patient Is Key To Succeeding.


Where is the hammer in Granny’s house?

The Hammer used to spawn in the Living Room, in a drawer in the Bedroom 1 and the Hidden Closet.

How do you kill the spider in Granny?

You do this by grabbing the shotgun or tranquilizer gun and shooting at the red button near the spider crate. If you are successful, the wood plank above the crate slide down, trapping the spider.

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How do you kill the spider baby in Granny?

Just like Granny and Grandpa, the player can’t technically kill the child. However, unlike the grandparents, who will reappear after a period of time, shooting the child will knock him out until the player gets knocked out and the baby will wake up on the next day.

How do you get rid of electricity in Granny 2?

Goto the 3rd floor and find hidden electric wire behind the picture on 3rd floor. Cut the wire and deactivate electricity. Use Crowbar to break the wood plate on electrified door. Use Padlock Key to unlock the padlock on electrified door.

What do u need to open the front door in Granny?

To Unlock the Door:

  1. Go to the weapon room and get the Tranquilizer gun and darts.
  2. Go to the sewer room and stand in front of the window to the locked room.
  3. Aim the tranquilizer gun at the red door knob.
  4. If you hit the knob, the door unlocks.


What is the door handle for in Granny 2?

What is door handle in granny two. Door handle is a wheel like structure. You can use it to lift the iron bars before the escape door of granny.

How long does the door lock last in Granny 2?

The Door Lock can lock a door for a certain amount of time depends on the difficulty: Practice, Easy and Normal: 45 seconds. Hard: 20 seconds. Extreme: 8 seconds.

What does extra locks mean on Granny?

Extra Locks is an option that was added in Version 1.3. 2, although it was exclusive to the Extreme difficulty until Version 1.3. 2. This option can be selected to increase the difficulty of Granny, as it adds more items that are required to escape, giving the player an additional challenge.

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How do you fix the propeller on Granny 2?

  1. The fifth step, once you enter the Helicopter Balcony and gain access to the Helicopter is to fix and start it. …
  2. The Duct Tape needs to be applied on the bent propeller, in order to straighten it back to its normal position and allow the Helicopter to fly up.
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