Your question: Who played bass on the doors studio albums?

Who played bass on the doors recordings?

Densmore joined the group later in August 1965, which had been renamed the Doors. The five, along with bass player Patty Sullivan, recorded a six-song demo on September 2, 1965, at World Pacific Studios in Los Angeles.

Who plays bass on LA Woman?

LA Woman saw two session musicians come in to the fold – Mark Benno on rhythm guitar, so that Krieger could concentrate on his lead parts, and Jerry Scheff on bass guitar who played in Elvis’ band. So much movement in the song comes from Scheff’s rolling basslines, exquisitely locked in with John Densmore’s drums.

Who played bass guitar on the doors first album?

–Ray Manzarek explaining the bass-overdubs. Session musician Larry Knechtel and Krieger, overdubbed bass on several tracks in order to give some “punch” to the sound of Manzarek’s keyboard bass. For both “The End” and “Light My Fire”, two takes were edited together to achieve the final recording.

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Was there a bass player in the doors?

Пэт Салливан

What was the doors biggest hit?

Track listing

No. Title Original album
1. “Break On Through (To the Other Side)” The Doors
2. “Roadhouse Blues” Morrison Hotel (1970)
3. “Not to Touch the Earth” Waiting for the Sun
4. “Touch Me” The Soft Parade (1969)

Why the Doors had no bass player?

John Densmore played drums. Robby Krieger played guitar. Jim Morrison sang. That was it, and the guys have explained that the lack of a bass guitarist freed up sonic space and helped the group distinguish their sound from other late ’60s bands.

What is the meaning of Mr Mojo Risin?

Mr Mojo Risin is an anagram (A word, phrase, or name formed by rearranging the letters of another) for Jim Morris name. He believed or at least stated he was going to be reincarnated and come back as Mr. Mojo Risin.

Why did the doors get fired from the whiskey?

It developed into an 11-minute epic. On August 21, 1966, Jim Morrison didn’t show up for The Doors gig at the Whisky a Go Go. … The Doors had recently signed a record deal and they had established a large following, so getting fired from the Whisky was not a crushing blow.

How did the doors record LA Woman?

Jim Morrison recorded his vocal parts in a bathroom.

Eschewing the high tech luxury of Sunset Sound, the Doors decided to record in their unassuming “workshop” at 8512 Santa Monica Boulevard. “It was the room we had rehearsed in forever,” recalled John Densmore in the documentary Mr. Mojo Risin.

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Who gets Jim Morrison’s royalties?

In theory, Jim Morrison, made the smart moves to ensure that his wealth – a “massive” $400,000 when he died in 1971 – transferred in an orderly fashion to his common-law wife Pamela Courson.

Are any members of the doors still alive?

Densmore and guitarist Robby Krieger are the band’s only surviving members. Morrison died in 1971 and keyboardist Ray Manzarek passed in 2013.

How old is John Densmore?

76 years (December 1, 1944)

What was the doors first song?

The Doors score their first #1 hit with “Light My Fire” By the beginning of 1967, The Doors were well-established members of the Los Angeles music scene.

Are the doors in the Hall of Fame?


Why are the doors so good?

What made The Doors unique was how successfully the music straddled the two worlds that made up rock and roll in the late ’60s. … Influenced more by jazz than folk music, it was a hard-edged band, led by Morrison’s vocals and Manzarek’s soaring organ riffs. The Doors were musical loners.

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