Did the General Lee have welded doors?

The General Lee, except in the beginning of the movie, does not have opening doors. In the TV series, it is explained that racing cars have their doors welded shut, so the driver and passenger must slide in the window (as in NASCAR).

Why did they weld the doors on the General Lee?

The short answer: Racing regulations. … Their Dodge Charger “The General Lee” was built as a race car, which was a common tactic for actual moonshiners. According to the Wikipedia entry, it is explained in the series that the doors of race cars are welded shut because it’s a race race.

Why was the General Lee painted orange?

Caught on film, the accident was worked into the plot and made the final cut. In the last years of the show, producers found they had created a shortage of 1969 Dodge Chargers. They used AMC Ambassadors, painted them orange and used fancy camera angles and editing techniques to try and hide the switch.

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What does 01 mean on the General Lee?

When the first General Lee rolled onto the set, it was one of a kind — a 1969 Dodge Charger painted “hemi orange” with a Confederate flag painted across the roof. The doors were numbered “01,” and the only way in or out of the car was to climb through the windows.

How much is a General Lee Worth?

Ordinarily, a production-used General Lee would be worth about $150,000 to $200,000, said McKeel Hagerty, president of Hagerty Insurance, a collector car insurance company. About 20 of those are known to exist in reasonably good condition.

Are Tom Wopat and John Schneider friends?

According to Schneider, he and Wopat have been in harmony ever since they got together on the set of “Dukes of Hazzard.” “We’ve been friends since we met in 1978,” he said. “And really great friends.”

Why do stock cars not have doors?

Originally Answered: Why do race cars have no doors, therefore forcing to driver to awkwardly climb in? Race cars are built to go very fast, as safely as possible. Doors cut into the body of a car dramatically weaken the structure.

Who owns the original General Lee?

LEE 1 was sold to professional golfer Bubba Watson at the 2012 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction for US$110,000 (US$121,000 after buyer premium).

What is the real color of the General Lee?

Being a Dodge product, many people assumed the car wore a bright coat of Hemi Orange. Folks deep in the General Lee mythology have said no, it was actually painted Flame Red, which was a General Motors color used on the mid-1970s Corvette.

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What color is the original General Lee?

3, 2020 video. “The car was painted orange from whatever color they had. They mixed up a color and painted a 69 Dodge Charger orange, made up from every color they had in the paint shop in 1978.” Later, Schneider said, they mixed up a “mish-mash, a mutt” of orange.

Why did Bo and Luke Duke get replaced?

Bo (John Schneider) and Luke (Tom Wopat) were replaced by their cousins Coy and Vance at the start of the fifth season because of a contract dispute and a dispute over the script-writing. There’s more robbing, kidnapping and payroll heisting from Boss Hogg and he continues framing the Dukes.

What was the longest General Lee jump?

On November 11, 1978, a stuntman on the Georgia set of “The Dukes of Hazzard” launches the show’s iconic automobile, a 1969 Dodge Charger named the General Lee, off a makeshift dirt ramp and over a police car. That jump, 16 feet high and 82 feet long (its landing totaled the car), made TV history.

Where did all the General Lee’s go?

Where did the remaining General Lees disappear? Some General Lee Dodge Chargers did survive the stunts but most of them were re-used as “bucks”; They were repaired and repainted for further use in other “acting” roles like those chase cars until they were sent to a junkyard crusher.

What happened to all the wrecked General Lee’s?

What happened to all those cars? WB salvaged the most beat-up vehicles. Mechanics saved the doors, the rebel-flagged roof, and engine parts, which were cannibalized by future Generals. The car’s wrecked remains were then sent to a junkyard crusher, where it was crumpled beyond recognition.

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Does John Schneider still own a General Lee?

John Schneider’s 1969 Dodge Charger “Bo’s General Lee”. (John Schneider). One of the stars, John Schnieder has remained an active member of the Mopar community and has owned several classic Dodge Charger models over the years. … John Schneider’s 1969 Dodge Charger “Bo’s General Lee”.

Did John Schneider drive the General Lee?

“John’s a pretty good driver,” explains Baxley. … who launched the orange “General Lee” ’69 Dodge Charger during the dangerous leaps for which the series is famed, but it was often car enthusiast Schneider himself behind the wheel for less-dangerous maneuvers.

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