How are Bilco doors measured?

Measure dimension W1, the inside width, and dimension W2, the outside width of the areaway foundation walls.

How do you measure cellar doors?

Measure the width “C” and “D” which are the inside (C) and the outside (D) dimensions of the sides. Next, measure length A and B from the building to the inside (A) and the outside (B) of the basement wall. Finally, measure “K” which is the distance from the top of the foundation to the top of the basement opening.

What size are bulkhead doors?

A relatively standard width for bulkheads is 4 1/2 feet because it allows room for someone to carry large objects up from and down to the basement. It is also large enough for someone to escape to or from the basement with ease in the event of an emergency.

How big should a basement door be?

Consider a Wider Door

Love the 36″ wide solid core door! Standard interior doors are 32 inches. This is fine for regular people and the occasional large object. But in your basement you may have more than the “occasional” large object.

What is the purpose of a Bilco door?

BILCO basement doors allow homeowners to add code-compliant living space or storage areas to their home. Large items such games tables and furniture for finished areas, or pool supplies and patio furniture for storage areas, move easily through the wide opening of a BILCO door.

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Do Bilco doors come in different sizes?

** The SLW door length is adjustable for installation flexibility. Extensions are available to increase the door length in 6” and 12” sizes.

How do you measure a bulkhead?

You need to measure the OD of the PVC pipe going into the bulkhead, and take the bulkhead off and measure the hole in the glass. Once you measure the pipe OD, you need to reference a pipe chart to determine the nominal pipe size. For example, 1″ pipe has a 1.315″ diameter measurement, 1.5″ pipe is 1.9″ OD, and so on.

Should a basement door open in or out?

All exit doors of a home should swing inward. If the door swing outward, that mean your hinges is on the outside. Someone could take your hinges off the door and enter your house.

Are Bilco doors required?

Egress code falls under International Building Code Section R310, which states “Basements and every sleeping room shall have at least one operable emergency and rescue opening. … Its basement doors set the industry standard, and are constructed with steel or polyethylene.

What do Bilco doors cost?

Bilco, a type of basement bulkhead door, runs anywhere from $1,100 to $6,000 or more for a complete installation. It’s usually best to install these during the homes initial construction.

What gauge steel is a Bilco door?

BILCO products can withstand a minimum 200 lb live load. Stringers shall be 14-gauge galvanized steel and manufacturer shall provide nails for securing to masonry walls.

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