How do you cover a mirror on a door?

Can you cover mirrored closet doors?

Apply vinyl decals like these or these to distract from the look of mirrored closet doors. Privacy film or spray can give the mirrors an entirely different sheen and look. You can even create a design like Abby did here. Hang a sheer curtain over the doors (again giving off a translucent image).

What can I do with mirror closet doors?

3 Affordable Solutions for Outdated Mirrored Closet Doors

  1. WALL COVERING. One solution was to utilize some type of wall covering to transform the doors. …

How can I cover a mirror in my bedroom?

If you can’t do this because the mirror is a permanent fixture, like a mirrored wall or closet door, do what you can to work with it. You can drape a piece of fabric or a scarf over the mirror while you’re sleeping, or use frosted solar film to cover up the mirrored surface.

Can you paint mirror doors?

With the use of glass paints, which are readily available, you can match the closet doors to the surrounding walls. Or you can paint them a bold accent color to continue to use them as a focal point in the room. … Paint the surface of the mirror with air-dry glass paint applied with a low-nap paint roller.

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Are mirrored closet doors dated?

Whether you’re renting a place or you’ve bought your home, perhaps you’ve come across sliding-mirror closet doors. In fact, often this feature is seen as outdated–a holdover from the glory days of ’80s design.

Why should mirrors be covered at night?

A mirror placed on the corner of the bed can affect your health and also your night’s sleep. … You can also use a fabric to cover your mirror while you are sleeping. Window. A mirror when reflects through a window can generate good amount of positive energy throughout your room.

What can I use to cover mirrored closet doors?

How to cover up a mirrored wardrobe in 3 different ways

  • Wallpaper. You can stick wallpaper onto the mirrored surface. …
  • Curtains. Install a ceiling track just in front of the doors and hang curtains or use panel curtains – IKEA has a great range. …
  • Frosting. This is done by applying an opaque window film.

What type of closet doors are in style?

Closet Doors | The 12 Best Styles For Your Home

  • Bi-Fold Closet Door. A bi-fold closet door is one of the most popular closet door ideas. …
  • Chalkboard Paint. Kids and adults can both benefit from closet doors covered with chalkboard paint. …
  • Curtains. …
  • Industrial Chic. …
  • Louvered Door. …
  • Mirror Doors. …
  • Modern Glass Doors. …
  • Closet French Doors.


What can you cover a mirror with?


  • One of the easiest solutions to hide a mirrored wall is to create a wall of curtains in front of it. …
  • Another way to hide a mirrored wall is to cover light panels of plywood or MDF with fabric or wallpaper and hang them over the mirrors.
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Where should a mirror be placed in a bedroom for lighting?

To let the light in, simply place a mirror opposite or next to a window to increase the amount of natural light cast into the room. A mirror will harness any daylight possible (no matter how gloomy the sky is outside) so the bigger the mirror, the brighter the space. Mirrors effectively double up your light sources.

Where should I place a mirror?

A full-length mirror is a must for any bedroom! If you have a wall large enough, hang it there. If you must, you can hang it on the bedroom door, on a closet door, or even inside the closet so it won’t be seen except when you want it to be.

Which direction should a mirror be placed?

The North East direction also has a dominance of water element. Therefore, mirrors can easily be placed on the North East walls also. In fact; mirrors are extensively used in Vastu to rectify cuts or defects in the North East of the house. Round or rectangular shape mirrors are ideal for North East.

Can you frost mirrored doors?

Frosted window: You can use imitation etching fluid to frost a window or mirror without damaging the surface. Cut out designs on self-stick paper. Spray etching fluid on the glass.

Can I paint mirror?

Acrylic and water-based enamel craft paints stick to mirrors and provide a similar look once the paint dries. … Acrylic paint is easy to scrape off glass when dry, but on a mirror this should not be an issue. In either case, apply the paints with artist’s brushes or a narrow, soft-bristled paintbrush.

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Can you put chalkboard paint on a mirror?

Step 1 ~ Prime the entire mirror, frame and all. … Then paint over the primed mirror with chalkboard paint. Give it 3 coats of chalkboard paint, making sure to let it dry completely between coats. Let the chalkboard paint cure over night, then you’ll want to season your chalkboard.

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