Is 2202 ( part 2 specifications for wooden flush door shutters 1983?

Is 2202 -( part 2 specifications for wooden flush door shutters 1983?

1.1 This standard (Part 2) lays down the requirements regarding material, grade, type, sizes, construction, finishes and tests of wooden flush door shutters of solid core type with particle board face panels (both veneered and unveneered) and hard-board face panels.

Is Code 2202 a flush door?

LABELLING AND MARKING – As per the requirements of IS 2202 (Part 1): 1999. 4. CONTROL UNIT – All Flush door shutters of the same type, size and construction manufactured in a week with the same adhesive compound made from constituents received in the same consignment in one day shall be considered as a control unit. 5.

Is code for wooden flush door?

1 Wooden flush door Ihutten using particle board for face panel. in IS : 2191 ( Part· 1 )·1983~. 0.4 For the purpose ofdeciding whether a particular requirement of this standard is complied with, the final value.

Are stiles and rails shall be made of one piece without any joint as per IS 2202?

lipping where it occurs, shall be not less than 45 mm and not morc than 100 mm in width. Stiles and rails shall be made of one piece. without anyjoint.

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IS 12823 Grade I type 2?

Prelaminated Particle Boards as per IS 12823: 2015 are classified into two Grades namely, Grade I and Grade II in line with grades corresponding to IS 3087. Each of the Grades are further classified into four Types, namely, Types I, II, III and IV based on the surface abrasion characteristics.

Is code for PVC door?

HS Code used for PVC DOOR PANEL – Import

Hs Code Description No of Shipments
94037000 Furniture of plastics 46
94038900 Other 31
3926 Other Articles Of Plastics And Articles Of Other Materials Of Headings 3901 To 3914
39269099 Other 25

Is code for doors and windows?

Basic Details

IS Number : IS 15931 : 2012
Technical Committee : CED 11 ( Doors, Windows And Shutter )
Language : English
ICS Code : ICS 83.140;91.060.50
Product Id : 15931

How thick is a flush door?


Is plywood a code tester?

The plywood when tested in accordance with IS 1734 ( Part 6 ) : 1983 shall have an average and a minimum individual shear strength, not less than the values shown in Table 4 against each grade. IS 1734 ( Part 1 ) : 1983 shall have a moisture content not less than 5 percent and not more than 15 percent.

What is flush door shutter?

Flush Door are made by using Timber frame which are Covered by plywood or MDF on both sides of door and hollow portion of door filled with cardboards/hardwood. … Flush doors have plain shutters so they are easy to maintain and clean as they don’t have Designs or grooves in which dust will gather.

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Is code a door fixture?

The door handles shall be well made and free from defects. They shall be finished correct to shape and dimensions. … This standard (Fifth Revision) lays down the requirements for materials, manufacture, dimensions and finish of door handles of the type that are commonly fixed to doors.

Is code for teak wood?

44072910 – Other: Teak Wood HS Code and Indian Harmonised System Code.

HS Code Item Description Policy
4407 Wood Sawn Or Chipped Lengthwise, Sliced Or Peeled, Whether Or Not Planed, Sanded Or End-jointed, Of A Thickness Exceeding 6 Mm
44072910 Other: Teak Wood Free

Is code book for Wood?

0.2 With a view to provide guidance with regard to the finishing work of wood and wood-based materials the Indian Standards Institution is bring- ing out the Indian Standard code of practice for finishing of wood and wood- based materials ( IS : 2338 ) which is being published in two parts.

Is wood a code test?

test and shall be graded according to IS : 883-1961 Code of Practice for Use of Structural Timber in Buildmg ( Material, Grading and Design ).

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