Question: How do I connect my Kwikset 914 to Alexa?

Does Kwikset 914 work with Alexa?

Kwikset SmartCode 914 Keypad Smart Lock (Amazon Key Edition – Amazon Cloud Cam required), Compatible with Alexa, featuring SmartKey in Satin Nickel. Learn more about free returns.

How do I install Kwikset 914 to Alexa?

“Alexa, unlock [Lock Name].” On your Android or iOS device, open the Alexa app. Tap on the hamburger menu. Tap on Add Device.

Can I connect Kwikset lock to Alexa?

Through the cloud-based voice service Amazon Alexa, set up, pair and control compatible smart devices with just your voice – it’s that simple. … Within minutes, you can install any of our compatible Kwikset smart locks and control them with Alexa through your voice.

Which Kwikset locks are compatible with Alexa?

You will need a Kevo Smart Lock, Kevo Plus and a device with Alexa to use the Kevo Skill or Kevo Smart Home Skill for Alexa.

What lock works with Alexa?

The best smart locks that work with Alexa are August Smart Lock (3rd gen), Schlage Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt, Yale Assure Lock, and Kwikset Obsidian Amazon Key.

Does Kwikset 916 work with ring?

Kwikset Kevo smart lock now works with the Ring™ Video Doorbell, so you can use the wireless camera to see and speak with whoever is at your door when they ring the doorbell and unlock it to let them in, all from your smartphone.

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What apps work with Kwikset?

The Kwikset App is exclusively for use with Kwikset Halo, Halo Touch, and Aura smart locks. Looking for other Kwikset smart lock apps?

How do I pair my Kwikset conversion?

Ensure that Bluetooth is on, as indicated by a small icon on the upper right corner of the smart device screen. 3. Press and hold the Program button again until Kevo beeps (if sound is turned on). The Bluetooth symbol in the top right corner of the screen should blink while Kevo and smart device are communicating.

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