Question: What channel was early doors on?

What channel can I watch early doors on?

BBC Two – Early Doors, Series 1, Episode 1.

Can I still watch early doors?

Early Doors featuring John Henshaw and Craig Cash is not currently available to stream, rent, or buy in the UK but you can track it for updates in the UK. It’s a comedy series with 12 episodes over 2 seasons. Early Doors is no longer running and has no plans to air new episodes or seasons.

Where was early doors set?

Early Doors is a BBC sitcom written by Craig Cash and Phil Mealey, who also appear in the series playing best friends Joe and Duffy. The setting is The Grapes, a small public house in Stockport where daily life revolves around the issues of love, loneliness and blocked urinals.

Was early doors filmed in a real pub?

Early Doors, which is set in a northern pub, has started shooting in Granada’s Manchester studios.

What does the saying early doors mean?

Early doors is a phrase particularly linked with football (soccer, that is). It means “early on”: We’ve got to make sure we don’t concede, especially early doors, but I think it’s definitely game on if we score first.

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What is the pub called in early doors?

It was originally intended that this sitcom, set in a typical northern local pub called The Grapes, would be written jointly by Craig Cash and Caroline Aherne. Aherne, however, quit England and so Cash asked his old friend Phil Mealey to come on board.

Who played Eddie in early doors?

Series Cast

John Henshaw Ken 12 episodes, 2003-2004
Mark Benton Eddie 12 episodes, 2003-2004
Craig Cash Joe 12 episodes, 2003-2004
Rodney Litchfield Tommy 12 episodes, 2003-2004
Lorraine Cheshire Joan 12 episodes, 2003-2004

Who played the policemen in early doors?

Withington-based James is perhaps best known for playing Phil the lazy policeman in BBC comedy Early Doors – a series about a group of mates in a pub, which was written by and starred Craig Cash.

When was the first episode of early doors?

May 12, 2003

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