What does lock button do on liftmaster garage door opener?

The Lock button turns the Lock feature on/off. This feature is designed to prevent operation of the door from hand-held remote controls. However, the door will still open and close from the Push bar and the Keyless Entry.

What does the lock button do on my garage door opener?

Lock buttons are also known as Vacation Lock Buttons. These prevent the operation of the garage door opener with hand held remotes. … Slide the button down and then all the way up and your remotes should resume working.

How do I lock my automatic garage door?

How to lock your garage door:

  1. Use a padlock to lock the garage door from the inside.
  2. Use a padlock to lock the track.
  3. Slip a C-clamp through the track.
  4. Unplug the garage door opener.
  5. Use a zip tie to secure the garage door in place.
  6. Keep the remote in the house.
  7. Lock the release lever.
  8. Disable the release lever.


Can you lock garage door with myQ?

Take advantage of advanced security features* like automatic garage door locks, battery backup and the ability to close your door from anywhere with myQ.

How does a garage door lock work?

How Does a Garage Door Lock Work? A garage door lock works by blocking the door track with a bolt, most commonly through a sliding lock, or a T-handle lock and release system.

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Can you lock a garage door opener?

If you have an electronic garage door opener, the answer is actually yes! Most modern garage doors rely on the electronic garage door opener to function as a locking mechanism.

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