Your question: How do you measure a door for a storm door?

How wide is a 36 inch storm door?


Storm doors come in all different sizes. If your home was built in the last 30 years, your front door opening is likely about 36 inches wide by 80-81 inches tall.

How do you measure a storm door for Lowes?

Depending on which way your door opens, storm doors can be hinged to the left or right. Carefully measure the height and width of the door frame. Measure the width at the top, center and bottom. Use the measurement from the space between the exterior brickmould or trim, not the inner door jamb.

What size opening do I need for a 32 inch storm door?

Door Opening Size Guide

Door Sizes Opening Width (no shim required) Opening Width (shim required)
30” x 81” 29-7/8” – 30″ 30-1/16″ – 30-3/8”
32” x 81” 31-7/8” – 32″ 32-1/16″ – 32-3/8”
34” x 81” 33-7/8” – 34″ 34-1/16″ – 34-3/8”
36” x 81” 35-7/8” – 36″ 36-1/16″ – 36-3/8”

What size opening do I need for a 36-inch door?

Presuming the door is a 36-inch wide door, the dimensions of your opening should be 37½ inch wide by 81½ inch tall.

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What are common storm door sizes?

Most standard storm door sizes are 32″ and 36″ wide, some models are also available in 30″ and 34″. Custom storm doors are available in many models, up to 8′ high.

How much does Lowes charge for door installation?

Lowes installation cost

National average door installation costs Average cost range
Labor $150 to $300
Door $30 to $400
Supplies $100 to $300
Jamb $150 to $300

How do I know what size door to buy?

Take three measurements inside the door frame – at the top, middle and bottom. The widest measurement determines the width of the door. Use a tape measure to understand the width of the three areas of the door frame. Run the tape measure along the width of the frame from the left to the right and record these numbers.

Do I need a storm door on my front door?

According to the Department of Energy, if your exterior door receives more than a few hours of direct sun each day you should probably skip the storm door. … Additionally, if your door is on a porch or under an overhang where it is protected from the elements, you may not need a storm door.

Who makes custom size storm doors?

Larson Manufacturing makes custom-size storm doors to fit many openings.

Will Lowes Install storm doors?

We can help replace or upgrade doors almost anywhere in your home. … Or, add extra security to your front door with storm door installation.

How do I choose a storm door?

Be sure to measure the width at different points – top, middle, and bottom – for the best fit. Most storm doors may be hung to open left-swinging or right-swinging, but be sure that the door you choose can be installed either way or according to your preference as some are right or left only.

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